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In need of help
Post # 1

Well, theres a guy in our school who i have classes with but i dont talk to a lot. My other 3 friends and I have felt strange things from him a lot, but it gets worse. For some reason, friend "A" cant feel any feeings from him. No happiness even when hes smiling. Friend B and friend C *her sister* both feel he is hiding something. Friend B said it probably had something to do with his grandmother's death when he was 4 because it changed how he acted. Later i went inside his mind to see if i can find out a little more, and i got attacked by a prescence. i I kno it's not nice to get into other people's business, but I just want to know.....was the presence a demon? *oddly enough, a couple days after i went into his mind to look for his "secrets", he deleted the picture of his grandmother on his Facebook page.*
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Re: In need of help
Post # 2
I dont mean to sound rude and im not saying your lying but this sounds alot like something out a a low budget movie. Again..not trying to be disrespectful but in all fairness your subject says "In need of help" and yet there was no question asking for it in the post.
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Re: In need of help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Humoring the idea that you can read minds....

What you met was a spiritual guardian. They don't play nice with people who are up to no good.

After looking at your profile it would seem that you are a dark minded individual. There is nothing wrong with that unless there is no respect or self control, and from your post and profile I see none.

I don't help people who abuse their gifts or power. The way a person thinks and acts will reflect on their magickal actions.

I think that your teacher should cover some valuable lessons in life before teaching you magick. Before you meet the wrong person and get yourself hurt.

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Re: In need of help
Post # 4
Dude ask permision before you enter his mind and also try not to
use you mind reading abilities and try to solve it by talking to
him. Keep getting in like as if it is your mind then one of those times you are just going to faint.
I'm telling you this for your own good cause it happend to one of my old friends.
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Re: In need of help
Post # 5

Could not agree with WhiteRav3n's post more.

You shouldnt enter other peoples minds! Their spiritual guardian will protect it nevertheless, and it could backfire greatly. Karma will come back.

Maybe you should leave him be? What does it matter, maybe he is just a private person?

Either way it is very rude to try and enter his mind, and a bit snoopy. Its none of your buisness.

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