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Forums -> General Info -> Chakra

Post # 1
I know chakra flows through our bodies and helps us with magic, meditation, and finding our elements. I wanted to know, do we use chakra to fight, or while doing things? Is there a limit that we can only use a certain amount?
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Re: Chakra
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
we have seven chakra's, each of them open to a certain extent.

they effect everything we do from surviving a dangerous situation (root chakra) to giving a speech (throat chakra) to connecting to the ether (crown chakra) and our chakras may be beat up, clogged, and mostly closed by disuse.

the more open they are and the better their condition the better we do the associated tasks.

our chakras are like our bodies in that excercising them makes them better, and keeping them clean and unclogged is necessary to keep them healthy. theoretically our chakras could release an infinite amount of power.

most people close and damage and clog them over time, making themselves weaker for it. the people at this site are usually more aware of the chakras and clean them and maybe excercise them. as a result we are better off than many people.
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Re: Chakra
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
As expressed before me, the chakras are generally the visualization of the ways that the energy of the universe flows through us. Exploring them may help with magic, meditation, and so forth, but but honestly the reverse is far more true.

Meditation is more an act of deep thought. It can involve energy and the like, but it is more an act of contemplation, focus, and will. You use it to learn of yourself and the world around you... the chakras included. Understanding the flow of things, the flow of energy, and how it all interacts with yourself, your emotions, and your will... That is magic. There are many paths to this, and not all of them need involve the chakras or meditation. Some traditions use prayer and folk traditions without this popular New Age spin on Hindu lore.

As to how we use the chakras? We use the chakras in everything they do. As said, they are how energy flows through and from us. And in everything we do there is energy. In physical action, in thought, in feeling, in exerting will... All of this is a manifestation of energy to some degree or another. The limits are really the extent of what nature allows. That isn't to say that the seven chakras are the absolute maximum.

Many people discuss many other similar energy points on the body, but the basic seven are the "main" chakras that are discussed.

Additionally, I would add that there is no need to find your element. Discovering your element is a very modern thing, and I would hazard to say that it is somewhat false. In the past, people were associated with elements based upon their behavior, personalities, astrological signs, etc. This almost never left them exclusively described by a single element.

The reason for this is simply that the elements are never really found isolated. Fire requires air and fuel (earth) to exist. Air blows sand and dust, and carries clouds of rain, or manifests the lightning that burns like fire. Earth is barren without water, air, and warmth to give it life. Water is the glue that holds it all together, and as such almost always contains sediments, minerals, and nevermind the small molecules of air (hydrogen and oxygen) from which it is made. How then are you just one of these? You possess warmth and vigor and passion(fire), you possess thought and imagination (air), you possess substance and strength and form (earth), and all of this is given life by the life blood that pumps through your veins (water).

Just some things I feel too many "new" people are never given the chance to consider.
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Re: Chakra
Post # 4
Ive been told my chakra are either closed, or blocked. i've done some reading on this subject, with doing so i know strengthening all 7 charkas would help me in more than one way. Maybe be more connected w/myself, others, and everything around me.... So if there's anyone who would tell me exactly how to strengthen all 7 charkas individually I'd greatly appreciate it!!! If its meditation/visualization what should be visualized??
Also, Can someone please tell me how to meditate using the elements in order to find which suits me? I know i have a long way to go, for learning the art of never truly ends. There's always something more to learn, and I for one intend too.
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Re: Chakra
Post # 5
i think the key point is open rather than strengthen. the chakras are usually associated with colors, vizualizing the particular color while feeling the chakra point. there are mudras, hand positions that are part of the traditional practices. the link below might be helpful. there are plenty of useful things to click around on at that site. remember the experience is always personal, takes some time, and a lot of attention. Cheers.
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