seeing wierd things

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> seeing wierd things

seeing wierd things
Post # 1
when I lay down and close my eyes some times I see wierd things and I don't know why I see them or what they mean
one was last week and what I saw was:
Darkness,then out of nowhere I see a giant hand holding an orange item in his hand (looked like a refrigerator) and then the hand smashed it. When the hand opened back up the smashed orange item broke off and made the galaxy or something like that. I saw planets, stars, moons, the sun, and even meteors
another one wasn't as detailed here it is:
I see darkness and then stars burst out of nowhere. when that happened I felt a little pressure on my face. then they got sucked back up.
can someone tell me what those are and what they mean ( they weren't dreams) so what are they?
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Re: seeing wierd things
Post # 2
Most likely nothing. I know its probably not what you want to here but whats happening is most likely you are subconsciously focussed on things that deal with creation and destruction. This is not a bad thing. If you are interested in magick it probably means that you either were skilled in these two things in a past life...or that you can be skilled at them in this life. If you want to know more about how to develop such abilities please personal message me as i normally do not return to the same forum post.
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Re: seeing wierd things
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Its the mind's eye picking up images, impressions or projections.
When you're eyes are open, your brain places most of its focus on the predominant (and most necessary) sense, your physical sight.
However! When you close your eyes, you are no longer using physical sight, yet continue to see. Its like scrying in a dark pool of water or ink.
So what you are seeing through your mind's eye (spiritual sight) becomes the primary sight.

What is an impression? emotional mental and/or spiritual energy that has been imprinted onto a place or object. This is the most common form of REPETITIVE images, feelings and sounds that occur within a certain place and/or at a specific time and cannot be explained otherwise.

What is a projection? An image, feeling, or sound that a spiritual being or spiritually connected physical person gives to you.

By images I mean it could be something spiritually around you (I see eyes looking back at me when I am being watched or my attention is wanted by someone spiritual) or it could be a vision.
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