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chakras and spells
Post # 1
I have already written my first spell. I learned that chakra meditation and balancing is related to making spells more effective. This spell i made is a visualization spell. What chakra should i focus on before doing my spell? Any suggestions? I would need it to be more powerful, since i already got the sense of energy of my subject.

do i make sense? lol
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Re: chakras and spells
Post # 2

In many instances different chakras have different qualities and aspects. I suggest you recap your intentions of the spell specifically and decide on the chakra that most suits that purpose.

An example is that the heart chakra is for emotion and empathy and the throat chakra is for speaking and communication. If you're looking to cast a spell to better understand a colleague then it'd be a good idea to look into those two.

But keep in mind, this is just standard, a great deal of spell casting is part of perception. If you don't see/feel the heart chakra as an emotional strong point then it won't work as one.

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Re: chakras and spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I refuse to discuss chakras in this sense. Chakras are like spiritual organs. They maintain our spiritual health and senses. Would you want a doctor to operate on you without knowing the biology of a human? Then why touch your chakras when they are not fully understood. Know your chakras, yes! Use them as a focus. But please don't play with their size or energy unless you're a master at it and have actually learned from someone who has demonstrated their knowledge through successfully healing the spirit. Reiki masters, shamans, qi gong healers. These people know the spiritual anatomy and know what to touch and what not to.

Look at it this way. If you had your heart broken by a loved one, and your heart chakra is closed more due to this, you cannot just force it open! Its closed to protect you from damage by extreme emotions. Emotions that could potentially cause soul loss and despair.

(Soul loss is not actually the soul running away, it is part of your energy that deactivates in order to protect you from total shut down aka insanity! It occurs when someone undergoes INTENSE emotional tragedy, violence, or abuse. It can make you feel like you are lost, empty or not whole and until it is repaired through time, therapy -- yes a psychologist or wise friend helping you through your problems can heal the soul! -- or repaired through soul retrieval. Soul loss is identified in psychology as disassociative disorder. After studying both soul loss/retrieval and psychology I was able to make the connection. Its amazing to me how Native Americans and psychologist had the same idea, just with different perspectives and approaches.)

So beware. Our body knows what it is doing, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Natural healers know that the way to healing is through working with the body's natural ways, not against it.
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Re: chakras and spells
Post # 4

I agree so much with WhiteRav3n. Took the letters out of my fingers!

But, in response to your question, the best chakra to concentrate on for that kind of spell would be your 6th Chakra, the Third Eye.

Message me for a chakra-opening technique called mudras. These are hand positions and chants that correspond with that chakra, and guides it to unfurl. Also, each chakra has its own corresponding colour. The Third Eye's color is purple or violet, so gemstones of that color could also help it in its path to develop.

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