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[Love Spell Info]
Post # 1
It's a bad idea.

You may come here thinking magick is your last hope and you'll all live happily ever after. You don't. About %15 of people who come here I see are looking for love spells. Most of the people who have done a love spell have regretted it, asking for anything...anything to stop it.

Also breaking up spells is made by jealousy and spite. You may think this person is manipulating them or taking advantage of them but you may just be blinded by what you think is love. Then there is the rule of three, if you do a spell out of pure anger, spite or jealousy you will get the spell reflected at you 3 times more powerful, so instead of that person breaking away. You will, at 3 times the power you originally cast the spell.

I've heard many bad experiences with love spells and some even had the person get to the obsession point with them. Then there's always the option of you falling for somebody else, especially if your a teenager and haven't learnt the meaning of 'love' yet. I'm 13 and have been smart enough to realize that by now.

So if your coming here for love spells, don't. Maybe now you know the consequences you will think twice before asking.
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Re: [Love Spell Info]
Post # 2

Three fold law only applies to those who believe in it on some level. Karma (for the most part) goes the same way. However, your actions have consequences, and those consequences can affect you in ways you know and in ways you don't.

About 97% of karma/three fold law is guilt.

About 3% is actual consequence.

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Re: [Love Spell Info]
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
For a thirteen year old lad you are very mature! Most teenagers have no idea what love really is; I certainly didn't! Love is not taking, it is giving. And nobody can make somebody love matter what spell is used. Here are the words of a once famous song. It cannot be said better than this:-
There's no ring of shining gold,
So strong that it can hold,
A heart when it longs to be free.

If you love somebody who does not love you, there is only one thing you can say, "You're free to go!"
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Re: [Love Spell Info]
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
The way I generally see it is that if you well and truly love somebody, that it is worth the pain of being without them to see them happy without you.

Think they just don't see you for who you are? Then why bother? Oh, it hurts like heck, that's for sure. But life goes on. Pain makes you stronger.

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Re: [Love Spell Info]
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Bravo! Very impressive. You will mature even more and become quite an outstanding witch.

The only thing I disagree with is the 3 times return. Karma comes to those who deserve it but it doesn't knit pick. Right and wrong is not set in stone. What is right and wrong is in your heart. But actions alone hold no label, whether they are physical or magickal.

Someone mentally ill will not have karmic consequences for their actions. A woman who kills a man in blind rage to protect herself from rape or death will not have karmic consequences. We have animal instincts, suffer illness, and are not perfect. And the powers know this.

Nothing in spirit can be written in black and white.
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Re: [Love Spell Info]
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I agree with you whiterave3n you can't take something and say this is how it is. You can't take certian topics and say there is only one answer. For example, some Christian's don't believe in divorce but you can't just say we should out law it completely because everyone has a certain situation but, hey it's just an example.
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Re: [Love Spell Info]
Post # 7
What i find ironic about christians is they say they do this, they do that, theyre so wonderful and then they do the exact opposite
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Re: [Love Spell Info]
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 8
A little random, perhaps misplaced.

Many people (not just one faith) are hypocrites. I see it nearly every day. People rarely are self aware. Those who turn within to reflect on what they reflect themselves to be and what they do are more capable of being true to themselves.

Here is a story I love. Its an old little one.

A young man wanted to begin his journey to enlightenment.
He walked up to the temple, took off his shoes, and walked inside.
He knelt down in front of the monk and said "I am ready! Please teach me"
The monk looked at him and said "Are you sure?"
The young man answered, "Yes, I am certain. Please teach me"
The monk looked at him and said, "can you tell me what side of the door you put your shoes?"
The young man lowered his head and said "No, I cannot."
The monk replied, "Then you are not ready. When you can answer this question, come back to me, and I will teach you."

It wasn't about the shoes. It was about self awareness. The young man was not self aware, therefore the monk refused to teach him. Because you cannot live your philosophy/belief without first being aware of your own actions. Otherwise you are merely doing one thing and thinking/saying another. It must all be one--heart, mind, and body.
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Re: [Love Spell Info]
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
***reflect on what they project themselves to be***
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Re: [Love Spell Info]
Post # 10
Seeing that this is a serious discussion I will share my wisdom as well. I am twelve (no joke). I have found that if you want to use a love spell than it is not really love. You can sense love through the heart, but not with the mind. Even if you are certain a girl likes you, and you like her, you still should't use it. Real love happens natually, a love spell is basically you trying to rush love. If you rush it then there are consiquences. Love spells are cosidered bad because they take away free will. People who study love spells should not be frowned upon though. Maybe they are studying the spell to learn how to reverse it if someone else foolishly casts a love spell and regrets it. If you are thinking about casting one, don't do it (even though you are going to do it anyway) it will only cause regret and gilt. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
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