smelling roses

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smelling roses
Post # 1
This has been happening to me on and off the last ten years or so, smelling the scent of roses.
It always happens at home, and not the same home, I have moved a number of times.
The scent doesn't stick around long, maybe ten seconds, sometimes a little longer. Always long enough for me to get in a few deep breaths...kind of like making sure that I smell it. Its hard to describe, but I'm trying my best. 99% of the time I am alone. I find the scent comforting, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling...then its gone.
Does anyone know what this could be?
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Re: smelling roses
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
My grandmother who was 100% cherokee indian always said that the smell of roses was a past over loved one near. I've smelled it a number of times too, and like you said, it is comforting.
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Re: smelling roses
Post # 3
Thats what I was thinking it might be but I have never met my realtives that passed away before this started.
My parents moved here from England long before I was born, so I never had the priviledge to meet my older relatives.
Do you think its possible they come to visit even though we never met?
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Re: smelling roses
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
It doesn't necessarily have to be a relative. Anyone who passed away who you cared about. If you haven't suffered that sort of loss consider yourself blessed!

My great grandmother, who I had never met but saw a picture of, used to come around me. If I was doing anything artistic as a child, I would see a very tall shadow of a woman come over me (she was 6ft tall) and smell the scent of roses.

Ancestors are still ancestors. Bloodline is very important. So it doesn't always matter if you knew them.

When you smell the roses, stay aware of any spiritual presences or other signs and cross reference it with family pictures, descriptions, etc of those who have died.

When a passed loved one is near me, I sometimes come across an old gift from them or photograph I had misplaced, or I'll find constant reminders that bring me back to old memories.

Those who have died that are closest to us remain the most illusive (most of the time). I have seen my husband's relatives but I never see mine.

We are not the only ones who feel sadness about death, those who pass away mourn losing their living loved ones just the same. So many times it is hard for them (emotionally) to make direct contact. Instead they give little signs that they're there, like the rose scent. Or they will show themselves to someone around you in hopes that they will tell you what they have seen.

My great grandmother was known for this (on many occasions). Here is just one. My grandmother told me that a few months after her mother died, a neighbor came to her and said "I saw your mother yesturday, I said hello but she didn't say anything back, is she alright?" Of course she was then informed of the death. It gave the family great peace of mind to know she was watching over them.
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Re: smelling roses
Post # 5
That makes sense. This didn't start happening until after my great aunt gave me a picture of my great-grandmother. My aunt made the comment when she handed me the picture, "Look. It's you." I was mesmerized. I always thought I took after my father's side. Its a shame I don't know much about her as all of her children have passed.
Thanks for confirming my thinking :)
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