Shadow Manipulation

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Shadow Manipulation
Post # 1
First... Let me throw this out there and let me see what kind of response I get. The idea is that a shadow is real and can be manipulated..Your own. If one can astral project themselves and move thing by learning chi gong. Then is it possible to manipulate your shadow and make it move. If I'm totally out there I'm sure someone will let me know, but if not then I will be willing to hear what is out there. As in shadow walkers or even light benders. I figure this would be the place to look. Thank you for your time
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Re: Shadow Manipulation
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I don't see why you couldn't, but I don't know why you want to. Using the power of shadow can conceal you in the night, conceal certain actions/emotions (good for a job interview if you're nervous), but it also generates a "spookie" feeling because it is the darker side of fire.

Shadows are soul less, but believed to be bound to the soul that it belongs to (native american). Stepping on someone's shadow used to be seen as a sign of disrespect and if a witch stepped on someone's shadow, they didn't need a personal belonging to place a strong spell on them (italian). I remember that I used to be careful not to step on people's shadows when I was a child because I thought I may hurt them. =)

Shadows have a long line of spiritual superstition and belief surrounding them.

I don't exactly know much about all the "shadow magick" talk. I think its just another neo pagan thing. And I don't read that stuff on purpose.

The term book of "shadows" was never even gardners. It was a guy named mir that published an ancient sanskript text that explained ways of divination including divination by observing the shadow of an individual. And he called it "the book of shadows". It was published around the same time as gardners grimoire and its said that garnier adopted the catchy name. I personally think the name is catchy too, so I use it. But shadows were not a huge part of magick, only an aspect of nature that represent darkness in light.
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Re: Shadow Manipulation
Post # 3
Shadows are the balance between light and dark, there neither good no evil. They truly represent yin and yang. The true nature of humans is to have balancing opposites. Light and Dark are more of a metaphor for other opposites such as Fire and Water. Air and Earth. Order and Chaos. Balance is vital so shadow manipulation is a good thing to learn to keep yourself balanced.
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