Newbie's ready 2 learn!

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Newbie's ready 2 learn!
Post # 1
Heyy my name is Cecily and I'm kinda new to magick. If anyone wants to tell me anything to get me started! Thanx! P. S. any beginners spells would be gr8 just about now!
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Re: Newbie's ready 2 learn!
Post # 2
First get started with your basics,
~~ Visualization~~
~~Moon Phases~~

Find all thease and learn them, learn until you feel right. Most traditional Wiccans/Pagans will practice for a year and a day.

There are no beginner spells, only the average and the ones that need more experience.

Little note: Don't spell like "Gr8" or "ppl" use full words and correct grammar. Otherwise some of the older members, and possibly your best source of information, will not take you seriously.

Also look out for People claiming to be things they are not, allot of role players, so watch out. A real witch won't boast, just simply state what they can do.

People claiming to be vampires (Psychic vampires are real but the bloodsucking ones) are fake.
People claiming to hold greater power than imaginable, most likely fake.

Only about 7 months ago i was a newbie just like you, it doesn't take long to catch on. Please don't ignore everything iv told you, took ages to type out :)

Blessed Be )0(
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Re: Newbie's ready 2 learn!
Post # 3
Hi Cecily. Welcome to the site. The best way to begin and throw yourself into the world of magick is by meditation. It works as calming down your spirit and mind thus making you have a better concentration and relaxation.

Don't force yourself too much. Browse some simple spells on this site such as love spell (your own preference). Try to cast it a few times by following the order.

You will see the result soon, remember, be patient. Good luck!
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Re: Newbie's ready 2 learn!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Once you've mastered meditation, you've taught your mind how to be cleared of all the junk of life. Learn to focus. Instead of clearing your mind, choose one word, one image and hold it during your meditation for as long as possible. Pick something fitting to meditate to, like peace for instance.

I already know you are a clairaudient (from your other post) so voice will be one of the easiest tools for you to use in order to focus and cast. Pick spells with chants or if you're poetic write a few. Repeat them over and over again until you feel it is done. The more you practice the fewer times you will need to repeat before you feel accomplished.

I would not recommend love spells as your first. They are not a good idea in general. Pick protections and cleansing. Protect and cleanse everything! Yourself, any pets, your house, your jewelry, your car, any magick tools. Get yourself very familiar with it. Its a very important aspect of magick. Not to mention, you'll create a great environment for yourself.

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