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Auras 101
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The aura 101 : The aura is a bio-electric/magenetic field of energy located around the human body and coloured by our chakras. (can be found on many things beside human). It has many colours depending on one's personality / spritual growth. It also practically your id card as it can accurately hold information about you eg your health, energies you have around you, your personality energy etc The aura generally is supposed to have a bright appearance when healthy ,and a murky dull appearance on people who are highly negative.

locations in the aura- Many people have a constant and an over/underlay , the constant is generally the persons main colour which directly represents them in all forms, then they may have an over or underlay which is another colour which represents mainly their emotional energy (which changes according to emotion) and also may hold other colour frequencies we have either attain in our present or previous life times.

Aura colours - Basic outline of aura colours and meanings

Red- (positive: stability, grounded, balanced, strong, passion, secure,earth energy ) (Negative: Egoistic/materialistic, insecurity, low passion, instabiity, "needy")

Orange:(positive: Vibrant, passionate,loving, water energy, calm, relaxed, high self esteem, instinct.) (negative: Low self esteem, depression, uncaring, illness, irratic,pessimistic)

Yellow:(positive: High passion, joy, not attatch or little attachment to material gains, loving, likes to see other happy, good friends and care givers, fire energy , will power, intellect, clarity) (negative: Low passion/willpower, depressed, sorrow , vice versa of all above)

Green-(positive: Special relation to plants, healing, calm, vibrancy , peace, love, air natured energy , ) (negative -vice versa):will apply to all.

light blue ( calm, generous, soft spoken, quiet, good listeners ,give good advice, wise, psychic.)

blue (deep blue to indigo )(psychic, intuitive, loving, caring, wise , powerful temper , active, quiet,)

Violet (intuitve, wise, psychic, - traits of indigo included)

Opalecent(transparent with gentle pastel hues) (newer auras on the planet, traits of violet and indigo, highly reflective, empathic like indigo, sensitive.)

Octarine(combinantion of green.yellow,blue,violet similar to rainbow but not quite)(all traits of indigo,opalecent and violet)


( Warrior energy , Contain traits of all auras mentioned , holds energy of all colours of the incarnation ray)

Black (mysterious (may be negative in some cases) spiritual masters, wise all knowing. not read easily,undecoded/undeciphered,origin, Master energy- combination of all.)

White ( Spritual,light energy,carefree/light hearted,positive energy)

Note: white is also the colour the aura turns just before or after death, its also actually means or represent death.

Gold (spiritual,solar energy, high masculine vibration, crystalline in some cases, - follows traits of opalecent and below)

Silver (Spiritual, the feminine form of gold, mother -healer, powerful creator, lunar energy-holds traits of opalecent and below)

Note: it is possible for males to have silver auras vice versa with females in terms of gold, the auras simply represent the kind of energy that is brought. It has been seen that many crystal children carry a golden incarnation energy or carry silver lunar energy and they perform healing on various levels and serve different tasks according to the energy.

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