Meditative sleep

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Forums -> General Info -> Meditative sleep

Meditative sleep
Post # 1

Okay so here is a little meditation i made for a full night or sleep or just a short rest, believe it not "power resting" for just 5 mins can feel like a full nights rest.

You can use this if you have:

*Trouble sleeping

*Energy drain

*just want more energy

*want to improve meditative skills in a confined time period

so many reasons i find this awesome!


While lying in bed or any other place of choice, close your eyes and begin to breathe rythmicaly in counts of four.Repeat groups of four inhalations until you feel totaly relaxed, with your eyes closed visualize the sky black with millions of stars and galaxies.

Vibrate in your mind the "om" manta in the area of your brow chakra (you can repeat the mantra verbally if you like), when the vibration becomes integrated into your being start repeating the statement "i am" and let it vibrate through out the stary sky you are seeing. Hear the statement come back to you as it goes out, almost like an echo but not in your voice...let it be a collective voice taking what ever gender it wishes to manifest. As you repeat the "iam" statement and you truly feel connected , feel your body shifting slowly out of its current consciousness and moving into a more lighter based state. Allow your self to drift into rest, just before doing that you may program(tell your mind) to wake up after mins/hours - this may not work for everyone on the first try but with practice it can improve.

Additional tools

For anyone who has tools and wants to incroperate things such as :





be known you can incorperate them by laying them in areas of your chakras, or making a circle etc.

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Re: Meditative sleep
Post # 2
could u do this like in a car?
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Re: Meditative sleep
Post # 3

Yes you can just don't drive while doing this lol

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Re: Meditative sleep
Post # 4
XD i won't
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Re: Meditative sleep
Post # 5
Thanks for showing me this, I'm going to try and hopefully it'll work!!
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Re: Meditative sleep
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
I am always in need of a good pick me up. Coffee just doesn't make up for a four year old's energy level draining on you (my daughter). The chihuahua only makes things worse...its like a second child! I usually like to sit under a tree when I get spare time and ground, sending my own roots down with it. Its very refreshing but I rarely get the chance to do this.

Do you use any particular hand/finger placements during this meditation?

I know the OM mantra is an awesome one. It is even more incredible echoing in a temple with over 100 people! If you haven't already, you should go to a Buddhist temple, especially during celebration such as Buddha's birthday where there is guaranteed to be a load of people. Its an amazing feeling to chant with them.

Thank you for sharing!
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Re: Meditative sleep
Post # 7

I did not include mudra hand positions but you can add them if you like, another mantra you can add if you have problems is use the mantra "om gum ganapataye namaha" its a mantra to the diety Ganesh of the indian pantheon he has the ability to remove obstacles in your life so he can surely remove even problems sleeping or you can listen to the "white tara mantra" (108 repitions) which is available on youtube. Also on youtube you can find the ganehsa (ganesh) mantra , there is one i use "ganesha mantra to african drums" i wish you all good luck

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