Why did this happen?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Why did this happen?

Why did this happen?
Post # 1
I cast a spell to some water spirt not that long ago and than after i went to bed but when i woke up my bed was so wet i was completly dry but my bed was soaked. Idk what happened can some someone give me like some info on y this happened? Thx
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Re: Why did this happen?
Post # 2
My best guess is that someone played a prank on you, like when people put warm water in your hand. Maybe instead this time they wet poured water on your blankets and mattress, and were carefull not to wet you. Thats my guess.
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Re: Why did this happen?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Did you forget to close the portal? Say goodbye with peace and blessings? Where you disrespectful or just doing it for fun? Spirits are still people, regardless of their sometimes inhuman physical qualities. Some are mischevious, vindictive, spiteful, or forgiving. I don't believe you found a forgiving one. =) I would suggest giving an offering with a sincere apology for whatever you may have done wrong. Then be sure to bid it farewell and have it depart in peace. Don't forget to end the ritual properly and seal the portal between the worlds you open up through magick.
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Re: Why did this happen?
Post # 4
My thoughts would be a prank of somesort. It takes a lot of energy to effect the physical plane. I mean with air its not that hard, ( at least for me) fire you can't just wave your hand and poof something aflamed. Water, is kinda hard to manifest. Unless you have like water boiling and you have fans that makes the air rotate and you might get clouds but even then your going to notice a cloud in your bedroom. I'm more betting its a prank than anything
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Re: Why did this happen?
Post # 5

Moght be a water elemnetal I know others may think different and it might be a prank but it also mioght be a water elmental. i have witness such events with water, air and earth elementals a as well as shadow elementals not seen a fire one yet or effects of it.

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