Most reliable spell

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Most reliable spell
Post # 1
A lot of time i have people asking me to give them assurances about my spell and all and that they afraid it wont work, especially people doing love spell or come back to me divorce spell i always tell them that the problem is not it not working the problem is it working too much and then a time might come when you might want to back out. my spells are always very very powerful either it is love spell or job spell or court case spell or health spell any spell i do for you so i always ask people " are you sure this is what you really want" and i will give you a guarantee of result in a short space of time. you can mail me on this site if you need any help and please if your situation is no serious do not bother to mail me.
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Re: Most reliable spell
Post # 2
well, it doesn't matter how good the spell is, if the person doing the spell isn't experienced enough or doesn't have a strong enough will to actually, you know, make the spell work, then its obviously either not going to work, or it simply won't work in the way the caster intended.
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Re: Most reliable spell
Post # 3
I need help with a court spell. I'm a single mother of 4 and I'm facing 2 years. Please help
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Re: Most reliable spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Firstly I would recommend writing your own forum instead of hi-jacking one from five years ago.

Secondly, if you don't deserve the sentance then you will most probably not get it, however if you do deserve the sentence, then you should receive it, rather than attempting to get out of it with magick.

Magick can have unusual ways of showing itself, if you cast a spell of this sort you may well end up with it backfiring, especially if you don't know your basics.

Take what you receive, whether that is positive or negative and learn from it, that is probably the best thing to do, personally.

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