Black Mary

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Black Mary
Post # 1
Who is Black Mary on the Black Mary Spell? I don't believe she's Jesus's mother Mary who's portrayed as the Black Madonna. I have my own personal opinion she's either Mary Tituba a Barbadian slave born of an African father, a yoruba from Nigeria and a Barbadian Indian mother a Guarani. Mary Tituba was brought over from Barbados to New England, where she was tried and burned as a witch in Salem. Or she's Kali. Which is she? Or am I wrong on both counts?
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Re: Black Mary
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
There are many portraits,statues,etc,showing the "image" of Mary the mother of Jesus. Most are "westernised" images,but there are black ones also, and brown ones! What is strange about all the images of Mary and of Jesus, is that nobody knows what they looked like, only that they were Jews. And funnily enough they are never painted or sculptured as Jews!
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Re: Black Mary
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Probably cause back then Judaism was not quite yet a nationality.
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Re: Black Mary
Post # 4
Yes but I can't accept that the Black Mary on tHe black Mary spell is the Black Madonna. She's one of the other two candidates probably the first because English Puritan men did marry their Afro-Indian slave girls from Barbados. Hence the phrase "I srole your white baby" because apparently theu did have some white babies. Howevr, I could be wrong because she could be neither of them.
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Re: Black Mary
Post # 5
okay to answer your question about black Mary. the spell you posted states black Mary i stole your white baby right. well although it says black Mary it is a reference to the bloody Mary lore or summoning ritual. Some think that when you summon bloody Mary you are actually summoning Mary Queen of Scots also known as bloody Mary. She suffered several miscarriages and phantom pregnancies. (i am guessing they are the same thing. not shure though) Some more modern summoning rituals for summoning bloody Mary state Bloody Mary (or Black Mary) i stole your baby or white baby depending on what your preferences are. hope this helps and blessed be.
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