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Forums -> Misc Topics -> hereditary???

Post # 1
I am sort of new at this and I have a quick question. I have always felt different, like a had some sort of purpose. I have researched star children and I think that may be related but google is very confusing. Now psychic abilities have always been on my moms side of the family or so she says. Both sides of my family have strong irish and possibly celtic descent if that means anything. basically what I am asking is if different abilities can be hereditary. Now my mom does have some abilities and I think I do too that was kind of the reason I came here and lately I am starting to learn more about myself. Anyone who can answer myquesttion thanks in advance.
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Re: hereditary???
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Most abilities are hereditary and tend to stay in the family. They can be passed down at birth and have been known to skip many generations. If your mother is Wiccan/psychic, there is a very large chance you are by birth. :)
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Re: hereditary???
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Now we can become Wiccan by birth??!! Lol.

I believe ravion meant to say "witch" not "wiccan". You cannot be born a religion but you can be born with a natural talent for magick or spiritually attuned.

Bloodline is a strong thing. Cherokee believe that the only important bloodline is the mother's (females). So your mother's mother's mother's....and so on.

What you are capable of is not controlled by what bloodline you are born into. From my observations, bloodline controls what gifts you have physically in your life NATURALLY, not what your spirit is capable of or what you can learn to do through study and practice.
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Re: hereditary???
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
whiteraven has it right. Much depends on your parents and environment. If you are brought up with an open Mind, and not take things at face value you will not be "brainwashed". My witch teacher had this to say (I wrote it down!)
"Do not believe all that you read. Do not believe all that you hear.And only believe half of what you see."
She then showed me some magic. And then told me that it was an illusion, and that I hadn't really seen what I thought I had! Sometimes I was a very mixed up kid; but I did learn in the end!
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