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Powers like me
Post # 1
Hey all im looking for people with the same Powers as me like i can see into the future with visions i can hear peoples thoughts and i can do others stuff too i have already have friends on here that can do amazing stuff i would like to meet some of u of any age i don't care the aged and talk and stuff about what we can do, but it has to be in the same country as me thats the only problem i know that there are probably hundreds of u
I live in England and im close to London even if your not for my country i still would like to say hello :)
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Re: Powers like me
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Powers are our own and means a lot to us. Normally I don't like to talk about what I can do, but I don't call them powers because that isn't the right term for it. Abilities is the closest thing to the "powers."

It is going to be hard to find something with really the same abilities because people lie all the time on this site. Even my little brother lies about him controlling dark energy. Most of the time, people lie so much that they forget the truth and lies to themselves. But Mind over Matter is the best tool we have in being who we want to be. So it really isn't a bad thing.

Short point, you won't find what your looking for. But maybe, someone that is truthful in themselves can show themselves to you.

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Re: Powers like me
Post # 3
Abilities then i have found people here that sound like they know what there on about, but yeah your right people do die, but whats the point lying to me as i would like to meet them as one thing i'm good at is reading people so don't lie to as i will know
Nash could u possible mail me and tell me what u can do i am very interested :)
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Re: Powers like me
Post # 4
Some people role play on the site etc. But I have some gifts, and I teach people how to excel in their gifts. If you would like help or a friend just message me.
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