formation of gods

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> formation of gods

formation of gods
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
my question is, how do gods come to be? how are they formed and what makes them? i mean, back then, gods where made up by human minds but now, the gods/goddesses seem so real. what makes them and what formes them?
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Re: formation of gods
Post # 2
I haven't read this book yet but I hope this helps. It's a book by Frater Achad called "The Anatomy of the Body of God" Being the Supreme Revelation of Cosmic Consciousness.
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Re: formation of gods
Post # 3

This is just my own take on how gods/goddess energies are formed doesn't make it true or false it just makes it the way I view it.

I personally think that god/goddess energies come from and are part of the divine(Alpha & Omega),(Lord & Lady) the energies that created the universe.

We gave them form by believing in them, most myths and legends of god/goddesses go back for thousands of years more even, through our ancestors over the centuries attaching meaning and attribute to each pantheon.

And when we seek guidance through mediation or ask for spiritual help the divine creator tries to communicate the help we may need at any given point in our lives by guiding us to embrace the energy of a god or goddess that may help us learn or grow.

The simple answer to how the god/goddesses seem so real is faith the more people believe in something the more energy it receives thus making it stronger, this is the power that lies behind the collective consciousness.

Love and Light


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Re: formation of gods
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
The God is born from the Goddess.
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Re: formation of gods
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
God and Goddess are names we give to the "energies" all around us. God is "the supreme spirit"; the creator! In witchcraft we give the names because they do not really have names, it is so that we can "connect" with the energy of the "spirit". Everything on the planet has "movement" (ask any scientist!). This movement and growth is what the witch means by "the spirit" in the sense that everything on Earth is "alive". So there are "spirits" in all things;flora and fauna;rocks, soil, etc. All have their different "energies", it is the harnessing of this energy with our own that we use in spells and rituals. But there is no forgetting the "supreme" spirits! The creator of life itself;the sun; and the "controller of life" the sea, from which all life came from. This is why witches will give many names to the Sea Goddess (Moon),Queen of Heaven, Queen of the sea;Queen of the Oceans. WE give names to these effects because it is the only way for the human Mind to grasp the significance of the mysteries.
Bright Blessings.
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