Having the same dream?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Having the same dream?

Having the same dream?
Post # 1
Last night i had a dream that i remembered when i woke up and after taking it in for a few moments, i realized i had dreamt the place were i was in the dream once before. the place in my dream i have never been to in real life. in my dream i was walking into a cemetery with willow trees, and the headstones were all covered with brush and greenery so you couldn't read any of them. i kept walking forward and soon entered a "catacomb/crypt" that was made out of stone with again the vines and green leaves all over and i could see skulls and bones covered by the greenery like they were there for awhile. i remember the 1st time i had the dream a few months ago, i was calm but this time i felt uneasy and ran out of the crypt as fast as i could go.
could having the same dream/similar dream have any importance? or any important meaning? ive never tried to really "decipher" a dream before but this time it felt alot different.
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Re: Having the same dream?
Post # 2
Yes reoccurring dreams always have a meaning.
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Re: Having the same dream?
Post # 3
The purpose and meaning of dreams is debatable; no one really knows for sure. But sleep researchers seem to agree that recurring dreams which often begin after or in anticipation of a traumatic or stressful event and are usually scary or, at the very least, disturbing can ultimately help identify anxiety.

If you pay attention to the frequency of recurring dreams, and working through the feelings they provoke, you may be able to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety in the long-term, and function better during waking hours.
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Re: Having the same dream?
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Reoccurring dreams are somewhat hidden messages. The reason why we keep having same dream over and over because there might be some importance to the meaning of this dream. And when this dream becomes a nightmare, thats when we pay attention to it more. Usually recurring dreams are due to our present life situation. It could be because we are having problem coping with something traumatic that has happened in our life in the past or the present. It could also be because we are fearful of something or we are weak. Until we resolved the conflict in our life, these dreams will keep recurring.

Try creating a dream diary because the mind is powerful. It is the keeper of our secrets, fears, desires and intent. The way to solve such mystery of the mind is to unlock the messages from the subconscious. Choosing to create a dream diary journal isdocumenting whatyour subconscious mind is trying to reveal. It could be revealing un-recollected memories, daily life stress or problems or even messages from the unknown. Personally, having a dream diary journal is like a therapy, an outlet or somehow a small glimpse of what the answer might be. Understanding what the subconscious mind is trying to reveal. What messages it is you can uncover between the lines or images you see. Its your subconscious mind revealing to you that you are ready to understand and deal with whatever it is you need to addressed.

Good luck to you.

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Re: Having the same dream?
Post # 5
thank you guys for replying~

As for the dream diary idea, i think its a really good idea and i am going to try it out~
Thanks again and Blessed be~
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