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By: / Beginner
Post # 1
since my story about this would be too long i will just
point a few things out

when i was 6 i was able to read tarot i remember seeing the cards at the house of my grandmother sister i always went there when i had vacation
all of this memories have been coming to me for the past few years
but because of some personal reasons i forgot all about it

my grandmother who is a catholic though that it was wrong
she send me to a catholic school, 8 to be honest i was always
kicked out why, i don't know, and yes i am baptized and also did the first comunie

but in my head i always had this though "how i could read the cards" i don't know.

now i want to start again
i have no knowledge of it! or maybe i do i don't know
but it's not the same as when i was younger
so i want to ask, to those who know how to read the cards

what advise can you give me! i know i need to start over
i am not a young girl anymore
but i think if i was able to do this when i was 6 then maybe
i have it all inside of me
and just need to find a way to get in touch with it

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Re: tarot
Post # 2
personally, i'd look for a simpler deck like the Ryder/Waite, or better yet, try to find the one your Great Aunt had.

set the book aside, seperate the "suits" and major arcana. take one stack at a time and just slowly look at the cards without trying to "figure it out".

write down your impressions, one suit at a time. do this a couple times through.

now go compare your notes with the book.
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Re: tarot
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
thanks a lot for the reply

i have been trying to think what tarot cards i used to see when i was younger! but this i can't remember and i know that
there are so many of them out there

but i kind of feel close to the egypt tarot cards

thanks so much for your post

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