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New to Spells World, Help
Post # 1
Hi everyone. I'm so excited to came across this forum. I am 34 yrs old and have 10+ years in a job and married for 10 years too. So far life is not so great that I wanted it to be. I did some mistakes but still it appears to me that I don't receive from Universe the amount of effort I put in.

So I started turning towards magic and astrology. Then recently I met a person in parking who just walked up to me and said "Kid, someone has put a black magic on you since you were three and you will not get what you want until that is removed' and then he walked away. He didn't ask for any money, or offered to "fix" it. He just told me this and walked away.

Then I started learning about black magic and came across this site. I found few spell casters too.

So could someone please help in guding me that where should I begin and fix the heaviness and bring the happiness in my life..

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Re: New to Spells World, Help
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Just because something bad happens doesn't mean that someone is using black magic against you. A lot of people have rough patches in their life and it could last a couple months or a couple years but I don't think anyone can go up to you and the minute they see you tell you that you had a black magic spell put on you. Think about this, did you know anyone when you were three who was into black magic? Would anyone have had a reason to hurt you? I mean what would anyone gain by putting a black magic spell on a three year old? But remember as I said before everyone has ups and downs in life, what happens after depends on how you handle it.
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Re: New to Spells World, Help
Post # 3
Hmm, you'd be wrong, there are some who can see and sense such energy, however it's far more likely that your own excursions into the occult have caused the imbalance in your own personal energy, not someone else.

You feel you have not gotten all you should out of life, but effort alone does not decide outcome, there are any number of things within ourselves that we are often unaware of, or in denial about, which act to taint out endeavors.

Black magic is not likely the cause of your failures, instead it is yourself, and those hidden aspects of self that act out all to often to effect our lives in the negative. Until you master self and cast light upon inner dark, I fear you may never find the success you seek.

Is it possible that you have been cursed with magic such as has been named, highly unlikely, possible but unlikely. The world is full of nutters who come up to people and start babbling about magic, as well as the end of the world, don't believe everything you hear. You decide your own fate, not someone else, you decide what you act upon, as do other parts of yourself, even if you do not realize it.

The only way "any" outside" force could hold sway over you, affect your actions in any way, is if you let it, if you give it voice, and if it complements what is already there. Magic is despite what many here believe a subtle force, not a battering ram. There is no magic that is going to be making you a murderer, or something else you are already not. The seeds must already be there to feed.

Whatever the truth may be, seeking succor in magic is a mistake. It is you that must change, not some mystery outside force that has cursed you with unknown energy. You, and nothing else must change. Take care.
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