Hi I'm new

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Hi I'm new
Post # 1
Hi everyone,

I'm new on here, and totally new to this world of magic (well other than the reading I've done on line from the many many websites!) So thought I'd just post on here to say Hello and introduce myself.

I'm really keen to learn more - have joined an online coven which is putting me through a free online course to help me learn the very basics. But I feel as though before I can really get anywhere with things I need to learn to be able to meditate properly, (and eventually visualise) --- I really struggle with this. Can anyone give me any help please - or point me in the right direction.
Thank you in advance
RedTigerlily x
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Re: Hi I'm new
Post # 2
Welcome Red i am new myself here but since i had a struggle with meditation and visualization (eh long time ago xD) i can tell you this...

- Find the most relaxing position of your body For you to be able to meditate properly do not read or listen what people say about things you should do while meditating such standing on one leg, cross elbows, smash your head by the wall..i think you got my point those are also ways or meditating but very advanced so all you need to do is sit and relax or lay if needed for your relaxation. Take three deep breaths and after that start to count your breaths and feel the coldish sense filling your lungs...Anyway this is a good start

As for visualization my first start was a image of a tree.

Imagine big oak with green leaves...imagine any tree you want xD think about that tree be able to see it clearly in your head and than try it while your eyes are shut and anything you see is the dark behind your eyelids...try to imagine the tree there after this imagine it on your room's wall...this is only brief intro but you will practice and i bet you will be able to visualize without difficulties

Blessed be
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