am i seeing demons?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> am i seeing demons?

am i seeing demons?
Post # 1
i always see black orbs flying around, and i see black mists moving around my room at night. its freaking me out. its got to the point when i try to stay up as long as i can! im loosing sleep and my mind. any suggestions?
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Re: am i seeing demons?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
You may be seeing some kind of negitve beings or energy. I suggest buying and burning some sage. Clensing your room and house is always a wonderful thing to do, even if you're not seeing anything. Sage will get rid of anything negitive that may be bothering you.

A thing that I tell my younger sister is to say out loud or in your mind, "I am protected, I am in control."
When I feel threatened, I tell my spirit friends to return it to mother earth or where it came from. That or I say out loud, with confidence, "Go back to where you came from."

I hope this helps, let me know how it goes for you.
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Re: am i seeing demons?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I started seeing the same thing when I was about 12 and I've been sleeping with my lights on since then (I'm eighteen), Well, I saw other things...things that would probably make a normal person tear their eyes out.
But yeah, I would suggest curing and cleansing rituals as well as banishing.
Theres tons of spells on here that can help.
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Re: am i seeing demons?
Post # 4
I ditto the sage burning. Walk around the whole room with it, swirl it in every corner and through the entirety of the room. As you do, visualize the cleansing of the energy happening.

After you do this, light your incense. The one that is your scent. Walk around the room with it, and as you do, claim that room as yours. Speak it aloud. Speak aloud what energies are and are not allowed in that room. If you wish, you could then set the incense stick down in it's holder and walk around with the same scented oil. Mark the walls and say, these walls are mine, they encase this room that is mine. Mark the furniture. Fully claim it.

You could then meditate in the center of the room or on your bed or a comfortable seat. When you draw your energy, surround yourself with a protective white light. Let that light throb and expand to fill the whole room. Finish with something spoken aloud.

See if this helps.

Blessed be.
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Re: am i seeing demons?
Post # 5
All of the above are brilliant suggestions. To add to them, here are a few more:

1. Negative entities are usually spirits who are stuck between worlds. Some of them have been in limbo for centuries. You need to 'send them into the light' by lighting an oil lamp or candle. Ideally the flame should burn 24/7, but if you can't manage that then light one after sunset and let it burn through the night. When you light it, say a small prayer or incantation, and ask the flame to protect you and brighten any form of darkness that surrounds you. Please let the prayer/incantation be said in your own words. And oh, don't forget to thank this element for protecting you.

2. Keep a black tourmaline in the house. Please remember to thoroughly cleanse this stone every alternate day with salt water and charge it once a week by exposing it to sunlight for a few hours. All black stones need to be cleansed and energised more than the others, because they are known to absorb negativity.

3. Whether it's your work station at office, your house or the bag/wallet that you carry, you need to de-clutter you living space and keep it as clean as possible.

4. You can also keep small cups of salt (preferably sea salt or rock salt), water and camphor in every room. Cleanse and change the water, salt and camphor, once in 24hrs

5. Before performing any ritual, whether it's burning sage, lighting a candle/oil lamp, please do not forget to have a bath.

Hope it helps
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