Question: Energies

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Question: Energies
Post # 1
Umm, every time I use a psionc ability or train with magick and psionics, I require myself to raise my energy so that I can achieve a heightened energy state and trance... but every time I do this, I always have goosebumps...

Is it connected to it? I mean I "know" that my energy is being raised but is having goosebumps a very good indication of me doing things well during my training?

Can somebody explain to me the connections etc, any useful inputs would help, thanks in advance.
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Re: Question: Energies
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
This could be a reaction to the energy you are raising because goosebumps appear for a variety of reasons. I suggest strengthening your connection through meditation and chakra work. This will help you to gather and redirect the energy to the place you want it. Instead of the energy causing goosebumps it will go into your energy working. Think of the goosebumps as a reaction that uses up energy. Block that action from happening so that the energy is being put into your work instead. Shielding will also help you to learn to control this.
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Re: Question: Energies
Post # 3
Oh I see, thanks much kts.

Hmm, I also notice it too, if I already divert my concentration to the object or data I want to manipulate (Macro or Micropsychokinesis), I will not have goosebumps anymore.
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Re: Question: Energies
Post # 4
i was having goosebumps but i tried to control them,and it worked,i believe it is because of pulling much energy and cannot control it,i am only telling i dont know if i am right or wrong
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Re: Question: Energies
Post # 5
Hi Sheol,

I have that happen from time to time.
its not a bad thing I kinda like the experience.

you could also try different forms of meditation
if it bothers you.

For instance I close my eyes see my soul in utter
darkness and grow the light from my soul until
their is no darkness this works well for me.


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Re: Question: Energies
Post # 6
Thanks everyone for the input, I know understood that these goosebumps are the cause of too much energy that my Guardian Angels and Spirit Friends are giving me (I ask them for it especially if I need it), though my energy alone can also result from the goosebumps.

But now thanks to your inputs that when I finally felt the goosebumps (and it's a refreshing feeling), I enjoy the energy for a few seconds then slowly focus and concentrate them on my Chakras, or the Chakras in my hands (where I release or direct my energy to any target), the goosebumps will be gone but if I require more energy to raise, I feel them again then do the same process.

Thanks all.
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