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Help...? :S
Post # 1
First -- Ive been doing love and defense spells for the longest amount of time. I used to do the, everyday and attempt to write my own. Then I watched my friend with Earth elements and i really wanna try it. How do I know what element I am?

Second -- I feel... Something... In my room. A presence. I live right by a cemetary so i know where it most likly came from but im still scared. Im not sure to harm it or cast protection spells to get it away. It doesnt seem to have an intention on harming me but im still nervous. What do i do?
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Re: Help...? :S
By: / Novice
Post # 2
1.) Your element can be linked from many things, from what planet you correspond to, to the month you where born, yada yada. I see this works poorly, as I should be of the Earth element, but I feel strong ties to water. In the end, you have to keep in mind every element corresponds with each other, and claiming yourself to be of just one will really limit you. Basically, it's good to have an affinity for one element, but it never hurts to branch out!

2.) That is creepy o.o ide suggest first you try to communicate with it, but be cautious! Ide use any way you can to stave off evil or negative energy, if it is of truly good intentions it shouldn't harm the spirit. Making a boarder of Blessed Thistle, or keeping it on you, would work wonders. Burning Burdock works too.
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Re: Help...? :S
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I suggest to sprinkle salt around your room. The salt will keep out or repel negative energies. Sage will also help!
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Re: Help...? :S
Post # 4
Apart from the salt, burn sage. Keep a flame (either in the form of a candle or an oil lamp) burning 24/7.
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Re: Help...? :S
Post # 5
Just talk to the poor soul, if it is there with you and doesen't attempt to harm you or give you a negative feel, chances are that this spirit will go away if you speak to it. Dead people get lonely too you know!
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Re: Help...? :S
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
1) It all depends on you. No one can really tell you what your element is other than yourself, the Lady, and the Lord.
Just get to know what signs the elements have. Like Earth is peaceful and ever changing. Fire is powerful yet aggressive. Air is smarts and youth. Water is emotional and healing. And spirit is everything and nothing--all things.

2) I know a lot about Ghosts, my home is haunted aswell. If the spirit is threatening, do use a banish spell. I have some threatening spirits in my basement, I should have banished them before they got strong, now I can't go into my basement without freaking out. So cast the circle as soon as you can before they get stronger. Make sure the circle is very strong and protected then banish it.
But most spirits do not wish to harm, they may just stay were they feel comfortable, or they could be coming to you for help. If the spirits do not feel threatening. Cast a circle and try to talk to it. In the circle the spirit cannot harm you, whether it wants to or not, if you cast the circle strongly. Then speak to them, they may need your help.
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