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Love Spells
Post # 1
Hi, Im new to this forum.

I decided to sign up and post here because I've recently asked a couple of spellcasters to cast black haitian love spells for me so that my ex can return to me and love me forever. Please dont judge me, I do know what Im doing and I know many people frown upon love spells.

I loved this guy for a year but it was only until november 2010 that we actually started seeing each other in a romantic sense. We started arguing over stuff, he decided he didnt want to see me anymore or speak to me, he even expressed that he hated me. I never stopped loving him. I know he is very, very stubborn, often in denial, and putting on a fascade. He also likes to see other women casually :/.

The problem is, a week after the spell was cast, he deleted me off msn! So Now im confused as to whether it is even working or not. Im wondering whether he deleted me because he simply didnt like me or because he was afraid he might end up contacting me.
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Re: Love Spells
Post # 2
You know i personally do not use love spells. I find them a bad vibe to magick and witchcraft a like. So i don't or ever will use them. Becuase that is messing with a persons free will. You should never cast a love spell of any kind on some one with out their permission. Because sometimes love spells can have bad effects on them and can go wrong. This is my personal opinion only though. You can do as you please. I am just saying. Becare what you do.

Don't go and mess with someone eleses free will. Making them fall in love you with just because you either want them back or to make the fall in love.

Now as far as i know. Try talking to him. Even it takes time. Patience is a virtue. Try to reason with each other.

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Re: Love Spells
Post # 3
I understand where you are coming from. But its not like this guy never ever loved me. I just annoyed him a little with the arguing and being he sensitive person he is, he gave up on me. Now he goes around acting like he hates me.

Ive tried to speak to him about a month ago. I gave up on that idea.
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