you must know it

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you must know it
Post # 1
Has life gotten you so down that you feel you might be hexed or cursed? Are you drowning in negativity, fear, doubt, past traumas, pain? Negative spiritual energy can cause depression, illness, lack of motivation, and so much more.
Spiritual cleansing is an ancient and true art to remove negativity and start you on the path to positive thinking and living again.
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Re: you must know it
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Cleansing of yourself should been done on a continual bases. Meditation is one of the easiest ways to keep positive energy coming in and negative going out. Each day the body cleanses it's self of things that are negative and unwanted through both liquid and solid forms. Meditation releases the negative energy that the physical body can not. Sometimes meditation cannot get all the negative energy off or out of us physically, mentally, and spiritually therefore other steps need to be taken. The lighting of incense or burning of a candle can do the trick. Other times you might need a cleansing bath or other energy working.

I agree that curses and hexes are not the common problem when there is a strong feeling of life not going so great. Most times this is due to one not keeping up those daily cleansing. One washes there body at least a few times a week (I hope even though I know many of us are dirty hippies and proud of it ;) so you also need to cleanse the negative energy out of your system just as often. This is a concept that I live by daily. Those daily devotionals go hand in hand with a cleansing of the body and mind.

The reason for a need to cleanse constantly is because all of us are being influenced by negative energy around us most of the time. That bin of trash sitting in across the room holds a lot of negative energy and so does the vacuum that lays in wait for the next time you suck up negative energy behind your closet. You need to get rid of those types of negative energies on a regular basis as well. Like a magic ritual let your daily tasks be a magical blessing instead of a curse as you whistle while you work ;)
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Re: you must know it
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
kts writes a lot of sense. We should have a cleansing routine every day. The main problem of "civilised" living is stress. We are "programmed" in such a way that when threatened we get a surge of adrenalin. This gives us a choice; stand and fight or flee. The problem is now that often we can do neither; and so the adrenalin doesn't "drain away" as normal. That is stress. and it often gives the feeling of what my generation called "the blues". Difficult to cope with. But kts is right, cleansing; and strive to be happy!
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