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Help, please!
Post # 1
Ok, Im sort of getting worried now. I have been having loads of dreams of me looking out my window at the full moon. I had one last night and the moon was really big this time! I opened the window and I heard something panting behind me, and behind me there was a brown wolf with a white underbelly and muzzle. I suddenly felt calm and I turned to the window and howled like a wolf. O_O Oh my god, I just remembered while typing this, I made a wish to be able to turn into my spirit animal. I just want help on what I should do. Im pretty sure the wolf won't harm me, its just that I feel worried that I might, I truly think, I might start changing into a wolf. My behaviour is much different and I have a keener sense of smell and hearing. I get excited whenever I hear a dog bark and I actually howled at the moon last night without realising it a few seconds later. I am a bit confused here, so please help me out. The wolf is my spirit wolf by the way, and I am having lots of dreams about her.
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Re: Help, please!
Post # 2
So do you want to stop having these dreams? If so here's a chant.

Say while you are falling asleep (only works in your bed):

Go away evil dreams
its not what it seems
go away go far away leave my dreams sight
give me at least one good night

I hope all goes well.
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Re: Help, please!
Post # 3
@ spelchanter She doesn't have nightmares dear, It's just the way her spirit guider is making a contact to her. We all have our guiders no mater if they are animal spirits, angels, demons, etc...

@ BrownWolf As I mentioned before, There is no need for concern about these dreams, its just the way "THEY" communicate.

Anyway your change is not going to go any further and you will NOT turn into a wolf but you just received a gift from your personal guide and embrace it. I hope the wolf will help you deal with lots of your problems and will give you hints whenever you need one for certain decision in your life.

Take care
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