Are All Tools Necessary?

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Are All Tools Necessary?
Post # 1
Sorry if this is in the wrong board.

But I was wondering, all all the tools that are usually listed (ex.- wand, altar) really necessary? Or are they just good to help channel energy?
I understand using a candle, and other certain objects for symbolization in spell, but I'm just curious about some of the other tools that are common for spells and such. Especially since many people may not have direct access to a means of purchasing them without turning to the internet.
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Re: Are All Tools Necessary?
Post # 2
To put it simply, no, I would not say that all magickal tools are always necessary. I've found magick to be very 'flexible.' It's all about how you personally want to practice or perform it. Tools such as wands, athames, etc, are indeed helpful to many, but they are not necessary to practice magick. I believe they are simply meant to be physical objects that help the practitioner guide energy. Again, helpful to some, but not a necessity.
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Re: Are All Tools Necessary?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
If you would look at the history of the Craft, it faced centuries of persecution. Even when I was being taught,sixty years ago, witchcraft was against the law.(In the UK)
The old witches would not have had many tools, if any at all! They would use everyday objects; a kitchen knife for cutting herbs; a twig for a wand perhaps (my teacher never used a wand);a besom;a cauldron. (My teacher kept her cauldron in the backyard,She used to light a fire in it!) Candles were of course, used everywhere for lighting; and so readily available. (Most witches made their own,anyway.)So, all in all, I would say that tools are not necessary; but they can be aids in focusing.Even a small statue or two,can help. Or a picture. An altar? Mine is a small table,but any surface will do if you wish to lay out some tools.
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