Taking Over Black Cross

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Taking Over Black Cross
Post # 1
I have not been made the Offical High Priestess of the Coven, Black Cross.

Right now I am just teaching through the forums in the group. I hope that I am given the Coven by the Mods or the people who can.

~Knightess Sakura~

Re: Taking Over Black Cross
Post # 2
You are not even a member of that or any coven.

Re: Taking Over Black Cross
Post # 3
I would check again

Re: Taking Over Black Cross
Post # 4
Well, so you are now. That being said, why do you think you are qualified for this position and why you feel that the leaders should be changed should be included in this post. Your attempt to gain control over a coven through improper channels should be done in such a way that the action is viewed by those who read the article as necessary as well as the placement of you as beneficial.

Re: Taking Over Black Cross
Post # 5
And based on your postings both inside and outside of the coven I highly doubt you know anywhere near enough to run a coven.

Re: Taking Over Black Cross
Post # 6
And the spell is...laughable because of the power of three bit. Makes me wonder if it came from Charmed or something similar.

Re: Taking Over Black Cross
Post # 7
I am read because I have been a practicing witch for 5 years and still learning.

I believee magic was meant to protect the earth and all the animals and plants on it.

I Wish to teach people the path of Christopaganism which I have learned about years ago.

I am able to read tarot using playing cards. I am also good a scaryings and other things. I can teach people the basics of christopaganism.

I also wish to help people respect the enviroment.

~Knightess Sakura~

Re: Taking Over Black Cross
Post # 8
The three part came from the rule of 3.

The law of three is important. Mean what ever you do comes back to you times three

Re: Taking Over Black Cross
Post # 9
The threefold law has nothing to do with a nightmare spell. Unless you can explain how what goes around comes around involves keeping nightmares away...that's just useless filler for the spell.

Re: Taking Over Black Cross
Post # 10
No offense meant, but in the past there was someone who did what you are trying to do. Her name was Neb (I think it was longer that, can't really remember as it was months back). It is because of her actions both in public, and in the coven that managed to convince the higher ups to make Anahi.Delara priestess of VE. If her articles were still around on what she had to do to get that change to occur I'd point you to them as an example of what you have to do. However, the articles are gone, probably deleted (yes, I have looked for them).

But what I do remember is that she gave reasons for why she thought the coven needed the changes. She told the members of the site and the coven why it was so irritating that the coven had no control over who all was in the coven. She asked that someone who knew what it actually is to be a vampire and work with vampiric magick to step forward as a possible candidate for the position of priest or priestess.

She went into the coven and public form and fought against the members who were telling her she was being power hungry, even though she asked nothing for herself, not even a council position. She championed for a new priestess, after the old one had been absent for months...after working her hardest to get ahold of the priestess on both facebook and myspace.

When someone stepped forward with a possible new priestess (Anahi.Delara), she said she'd interview this person herself to see if she knew enough about the topic to run the coven in her opinion and wasn't fluffy. She offered anyone who wanted to see the mails that went back and forth between the two of them. She worked for a good 2 or 3 weeks (not to mention trying for 3 months to get ahold of the priestess) to try to get this change to occur, all the while fighting against truly power hungry individuals who first called her power hungry, then turned around and said they wanted to run the coven themselves.

She fought long and hard, told anyone who would listen that she believed in Anahi.Delara, and in the end her hard work paid off. Someone listened to her from high up and got the changes made that she so wished.

The changes she wanted to help the coven. Not to run it, not for any other reason. Rather she simply wished to help out the coven. To turn around the nearly 300 member coven from a bunch of inactive and fluffy members to people who could actually learn, both about vampires and in general.

Do you see what Rikka is trying to say? You are fighting an uphill battle, that may or may not turn out for you.

Thus far you've jumped around through covens, looking for a place to run. Looking for a place to be priestess of, rather than looking to help other individuals, or so it has seemed to me.

I agree with Rikka about your posting and such, you don't seem to be doing all you can do to teach others. I was once told that a priestess must be mother, councilor, teacher, etc. You have to be so much to actually run a coven.

Look at these links for a bit. Actually read through them because they are helpful to anyone who wants to be a priest/ess.

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