plz read this =(

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> plz read this =(

plz read this =(
Post # 1
there is this guy who likes or loves me i think though im 100% sure.....

But to be really honest I don?t love or like him,,?to be honest I DONT LIKE HIM ,,?I DON?T LIKE HIM AT ALL??

We used to be friends when I noticed tht he was in love with me?..i started ignorin him and being rude,,..i don?t know wut is makin me feel bad ,,,?is it cuz he loves me or im bieng to rude to him?
I meet him today he seemed really down so I jus said ?hi? and he seemed quite happy and didn?t take his eyes off me?.but?.he has to understand tht he cant have me?.cuz I had rather be with someone who I lov and loves me back?..means my soulmate!!
If anione plz help me ,,?find me a spell to make him not like me or love me and it has to be simple with no candles,,..herbs etc ,..cuz if my parents see me doin this they will ask questions tht will last forever?just to tell u ,,?my parents don?t like me doin spells or believin in ani?.i told them about it but they cant understand me ?..
They just laugh and make fun of me?..
So like ya?..dont ask me if he is cute or stuffs cuz he is NOT??
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Re: plz read this =(
Post # 2
Well, im not an expert on this stuff, but i dont think you need a spell to fix this problem...

If you really want this guy to leave you alone, just confront him about it. Tell him that youre not interested and that you'd rather just be friends (if you still feel that way) if not, just leave. If he still feels sad, its not that ur being rude, youre just telling him the truth. If he still acts like he still loves you even after you confronted him about it, then hes in complete denial and just tell him again only more seriously.

But dont say anything mean to him like 'why the heck would i love you in the first place??' or 'why would you ever think u had a chance with me?'. Thats being rude
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Re: plz read this =(
Post # 3
Well first of all the only way to find your soulmate is to date people, not wait around and see if they come falling from the sky or till they are on sale at wal-mart. Its natural for there to be that one friend who is in love with you, the only reason you have friends is because they see something in you that they like but I would suggest you just tell him softly that your not interested in him the same way. Dont start freaking out, its just a small situation, treat it delicately and softly unless he starts to turn things ugly, then I would say to use a bit more bite in your bark.
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Re: plz read this =(
Post # 4
I agree with ardor, you cant always fall back on spells and magic to solve your problems sometimes
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Re: plz read this =(
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
well. Just be honest with him. Theres no harm.
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Re: plz read this =(
Post # 6
I bet when he stops paying attention to you, you will suddenly have an interest in him.

That's usually how these things work when young (and sometimes old). Want what you can't have. Don't want what you can have.

Now in all honesty..what makes you think he is in love with you in the first place?
The looking sad and watching you thing now is completely explainable as you kinda went nutty and started being a jerk for (to him..and a few of us) no logical reason. Of course he'd be sad to lose a friend and he could be looking at you trying to figure out what he did wrong in the first place.

Unless the kid told you he loved you, you don't know that he does in any way other than a friendly type way. Maybe he just really valued your friendship.
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