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please help
Post # 1
all those spells people make up dont match me.i dont like them and its stalking to walk around and steal peoples belonings and hair. i have no faith my own spells will work :( what should i do help meh puhleasseee
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Re: please help
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
If you don't believe in your magic and spells you write,who will? My dear,all spells that there are and you can find are written by SOMEONE. That person made it so it matches their abilities and wishes. They included belongnings and hair,but you can work with whatever you want to! It's your own choice! To send out good energy for the spell you got to work it COMFORTABLE way,so change spells,make up your own,be creative! Magic works by our will and mind,spells you write,for you are MUCH MUCH MUCH better than by others...Instead of belongings and hair,use a picture,or a gift of that person,or a paper with a drawing of them or their name...Whatever suits you. Magic is for you to be creative with.
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Re: please help
Post # 3
Unless you are doing Chaos Magic, it's not just a free for all. Each discipline of magic has it's certain precepts that you must follow. I practice Hoodoo. With that it does make a difference as to what personal concerns you are using in your magic. While, yes, you can use a photo of a person, that photo will not be as strong a connection as hair or fingernail clippings.

Your concentration & focus are very important, but so is following some of the basic tenets for that discipline.

I have yet to find a need to actually stalk anyone to obtain the items I require for my magic. But then I've only worked tricks on people I actually have enough of a connection with that I have access to them.
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