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Your methods and help!
Post # 1
What methods do you use to astral project, I watched the lucidology 101 series on youtube.

It has been 4 weeks and a day since I started astral projection, but haven't done it much this week because started back at school :/ so I only get to do it on Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday but a bit earlier on the night now. Just to get it straight I can't astral or etheric project yet, but I'm aiming for etheric projection not astral. Unfortunately there isn't much on the internet about etheric projection.

I started a method with a timer I basically just lie there without moving and it works very well for me and I am definitely half a sleep most the time and then the time goes of after 20 mins and the time gets shorter each time. It works because each time it goes of you go into a deeper trance or sleep state.

Today I think I felt my right hand detach from my body but I can't be completely sure. My head wasn't detached so I couldn't see :/ Have you got any suggestions about this too?
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Re: Your methods and help!
Post # 2
I first started with the Monroe Technique (the "rope" technique) but after a month of practice with that, and little success, I did what I now advise against, and switched to a jumping board method, which was visualization with air, and then jumped in that way. Though this method worked for a while and gave me a feel for the vibrational states that I was supposed to experience, it was short lived and I ended up back at the Monroe Technique. Knowing what to experience but not holding any assumptions and I practiced for the next 4 months (In the end I practiced for 6 months total). When I felt confident that I was astral projecting efficiently I spent the following 6 months trying new techniques and perfecting the monroe technique.

The method that I use now is called the step out technique. You begin by relaxing your entire body and go straight to a feeling of falling. Once this feeling occurs, you just step out to the side and visualize your astral temple, you'll go from the etheric state to the astral.

Another method I use when I'm feeling kinda "stuck" in my body is the falling technique. I just relax my body into the falling state, and just let my self fall until My astral self just kinda, pops out, or falls out.
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