Non-Traditional Cards

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Non-Traditional Cards
Post # 1
Okay, so I know when you do certain spreads it refers to the suits and choosing significators but 1)I don't like significators and 2) My deck doesn't consist of suits like swords and wands. It is separated by color though, but it has nothing to do with anything. The deck is "Wisdom of the Hidden Realms" I think. Does this mean that I can't do certain spreads, or what? Because I am just getting started with Tarot. (But I used to do cartomancy)
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Re: Non-Traditional Cards
Post # 2
The cards you are using is an Oracle Deck these are totally different from tarot cards this site will help you with learning how to read Oracle Cards.

I'm very new to using tarot cards myself but if you're wanting to learn tarot spreads I suggest you start with the Rider-Waite tarot deck or a deck that is based on the symbolism of the Rider-Waite deck.

Love and Light
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Re: Non-Traditional Cards
Post # 3
Oh goshh thanks :D
I was so confused xD
Very very different from Tarot. But that link was very helpful. Very appreciated.
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Re: Non-Traditional Cards
Post # 4
there are actually tarot decks that are non-traditional. one of the decks i work with is the osho-sen tarot deck and while it is divided differently, has different images, and different card names, the cards still correspond to those in normal decks, they have just been associated more with the zen Buddhist teachings.

non traditional decks are used in the same method as normal decks.

while your deck is an oracle deck, you can still do spreads with them. for the most part, most tarot spreads will work for your oracle cards, but determining the meanings of the cards them selves will be different. there are some spreads that will not work or be as clear using oracle cards, but for the most part they are easy enough to modify so that they work

While the rider-waite deck is the most traditional deck, please remember that they are not the only decks or even the easiest to read for some people. when picking a deck to learn from you should pick a deck that calls toy you and that you feel you can connect with well.
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