These dreams...

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These dreams...
Post # 1
Im having quite the tough time interpreting them.

You see, lately Ive been dreaming a lot, and I can say that within the past month Ive had these three dreams with very interestingly similar characteristics to them, and I just cant figure out what some symbols represent.

Ill try and make these as short as possible.

The first dream I had one of my favorite music groups was there, and a group of "friends" walked up to them with me and I sort of met the bassist (which is what I really, really want to do in reality) but I got no response from him, and my "friends" were gone when I turned around to see them. Then, I meet the singer and at some point, he acts like he's my boyfriend. At one point he stood behind me, and wrapped his arms around my waist then rested his head on my shoulder and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

The second dream I ran into the same singer (this dream was about a week later) at an arcade-like funplex place, and then I found out that each member had a line of fans waiting to meet them. I stand in line to meet the bassist, and when I get to the front, I start talking to him and then he just sort of...looks to his left and walks away really fast. I follow, then I find out that I wasnt following him, and that he hadnt left the line at all. So, I go to stand in line for the singer. When I get there, I ask him to give me a hug and he does. Then I get thrown on the ground somehow, and he carries me to some place where I wake up and he's there to comfort me. We get to know each other, and then the next thing I know, we are both in my room, he's at my computer desk narrating his new status update out loud. The only thing I can remember him saying is, "And I never thought I would be falling in love." At that point, I recalled him saying something similar about him falling in love with me specifically back in the place I woke up in after he carried me there.

The third dream, which I had three nights ago, started off like I was going to see them playing live. The crowd was maybe twenty or so people, at first, and then towards the end of the dream there was only about half as many, if not less. At one point, me and my boyfriend in reality are playing our guitars along with the group, following what they do. At another point, the singer comes up to me and gives me a kiss on the lips as if it's no big deal. Then...he does the same to by boyfriend (which he doesnt mind, but then I get jealous over it), and one of us says something to him and he hugs us both as if he just realized how much we mean to him.

So, each dream results in me meeting the singer, but not the bassist, who is the one I REALLY want to meet. They also all have something to do with the singer showing me some sort of affection in a very boyfriendly way. It is always the same people from the band, the singer, the bassist, and only one of the guitarists. They all look like they do in real life, and they sound the same as they really do, as well. What could these dreams mean?
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Re: These dreams...
Post # 2
Have you tried the dream interpretation thing on this site?
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Re: These dreams...
Post # 3
It doesnt give me the answers I need, no dream interpretation site in which you look for certain things that may be in their archives don't work.

Considering Ive had these three dreams at separate times and they have strikingly similar things to them, I thought asking an interpreter or someone like that would get me better results.
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Re: These dreams...
Post # 4
Nothing personal to whoever developed the dream interpretation generator on this site but I wouldn't trust it in the slightest,
As for your dreams they actually just sound like dreams that are just sorting through the affection you hold for this band not all dreams have to have deep meaning to them sometimes dreams are just dreams they dont always have to contain some deep meaning to them, some dreams are just meant to be enjoyed.

Love and Light
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Re: These dreams...
Post # 5
About, a little over a year ago, I started having dreams about a certain pro-wrestler, I didn't know why, then I went on-line and looked up his bio, I couldn't believe it, we were "mirror" images of eachother. I was going through some really tough times, and being a spirital person, prayed to God to show me my true love, someone to help me. That was when the dreams started. Through dream interputation, I found out there are dreams called "Famous Person", but that wasn't it, because it is believed dreams are like a "to do" list when you figure out what you need to know your dreams go away, mine didn't, so I prayed some more "God, please times are hard for me I don't care what I have in common with whom." I kept having the dreams of him. So I wrote too him explaining my situation, that night I had another dream of him, but not exactly him but another wrestler, he was telling him he found this letter and picture of me and my kids, I never sent a picture, in my dream the picture was facing me it was a picture I had taken,the wrestler asked "If he was going to help my kids and I, also who was the girl in the picture?'since I never said a thing about my daughters. So,I sent the picture,the dreams continued, they continued until I figured it out he is my soul mate, true love and we are meant to be together, well I bought tickets ringside for wrestling 2-4-11. I know we'l be together. e-mail me kbomstad
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Re: These dreams...
Post # 6
Maybe there is a deep morale hidden inside these dreams. Could it be that even though it is the bassist you are looking for, you will find that it is the singer you really want?

In other words, is it maybe that you want something but in reality, you want something else?
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Re: These dreams...
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
1) You really like the bassist, but are worried that he wouldn't return your feelings. The singer fell for you as even more things that would be disappointing.

2)Worried that the bassist wouldn't love you. Also, maybe you were dreaming of the singer loving you like you would like the bassist to love you, but your sub-conscious was just using the singer, possibly just because the bassist was already gone from the dream. Plus, sometimes the people we dream about really represent other people.

3)I think the kiss he gave to your boyfriend may have made you jealous from possibly feeling guilty for wanting someone else, then maybe the singer hugged you both to make you feel better because it could mean of both relationships.

I am by no means a dream interpreter, though, so I could be a million miles off. Please, take with a grain of salt.
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