power surge or not

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power surge or not
Post # 1
Listen and listen for carefully now u all know that u have something inside controling u or not bt I do I have these strange visions about this house that I am in and I can see myself at the door and my twin or whatever looks at me laughing saying what gloomy day we are having and i would ask who are u. He would say I'm u silly can't u see but there is a difference between us like let's say I'm ur power, ur madness, and ur strength and then I have wakened up and eversince then I havent had that vision in awhile intell a couple of weeks ago I had this dream that I was infront of a large mirrior and my twin was in the miriror telling me hi but then he said see this miriror u have a choice and that choice is to break this miriror then I heard laughing then all around me was my friends and the people i hate they were all laughing at me even myfriends then my twin said or kill them. I was confused being laughed at by everybody but then I... I began to laugh I was dazed confused then I find this sword in my hand and I began choping and slicing and twin was yelling good good thats how u do it get rid of them all then when i stopped I was scared and confused then I asked why are u here and he said without me ur worthless then i woked then I relized that must be madness. This story is not fake its true this happened during christmas break so I got one thing to ask do any of u got madness as in an evil power surge?
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Re: power surge or not
Post # 2
wow.... I asume it must be a power surge
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