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Post # 1
the problem is that even though my spells work and i have a bit of hope, i dont believe in myself, My friend gave me an amethyst necklace that can give away stress and brings harmony, but when i study all night for a test and my friend says to believe in myself i get stuck at the test and dont know nothing. I truly dont believe in myself and how can i stop that?
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Re: help
Post # 2
First of all, from what you mentioned about test, that's test anxiety, and many people, including myself, suffer from it occasionally. The best thing to do in these cases is to take a few deep breaths, visualize a relaxing scene and when you are ready, start.

As for the part about not believing in yourself, that takes time, and having a good support system helps. You should try stating a strong "I" affirmation in the morning to help boost your self esteem, something like "I AM GOING TO HAVE A REALLY GOOD DAY TODAY" or "I AM BEAUTIFUL"; "I AM INTELLIGENT" ....etc...etc..
These I affirmations not only help boost self esteem but you'll start feeling like a totally different person who is confident in their self and you'll start gaining a bit of pride along with it. I used to have very low self esteem ( hunched over, wouldn't look anyone in the face, would sit up straight etc...) but with positive reinforcement from myself, and from my now husband, I've managed to become very confident, proud, and actually sometimes a little overbearing, lol, but all in all I don't intimidate people anyone by not looking at them (although I still can't look anyone in the eye directly), I walk straight, sit up straight, and just have all the charisma I used to have a child, return. You can be a very self empowered individual if you work at it.
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Re: help
Post # 3
Take a look at your life and find what it is you are insecure about and not so confident and instead of focusing on the negative side of thing focus on positive things, every negative aspect has a positive opposite.We are all different and are all unique we all have different strengths and weaknesses just focus on what your good at. Remember spells work for ayone (who does it correctly) doubting yourself restricts the energy flow and the outcome, the easiest wway is to not worry and just forget about it KNOW it will happen and it will.
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