Spell casting Psychics

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Spell casting Psychics
Post # 1
Can somebody please explain? I am divorcing and the decision is not mine. So I have had 3/4 tarrot readers to ask questions about the divorce outcome (custody, when it's going to be finalized and all that). Now I've talked a psychic who is also a spell caster and told me that things can change with a love spell, which means there will be no divorce, and she is very positive about it when reading the compatibility chart of me and my husband. So I am confused. I thought destiny is destiny, how can you change your destiny? The other psychics meant divorce is my destiny, the spell casting psychic meant there are different possibilities. Please explain.
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Re: Spell casting Psychics
Post # 2
Destiny is a fallacy. Your destiny is the result of choices YOU make (or don't make) on the twisting journey of life. Someone will argue that others choices affect your destiny as well, but this isn't true...that simply presents YOU with a new set of choices to make.

A love spell, based on a compatibility chart even, will only delay the inevitable since you don't have control over the others wants and desires without bending their will. Bad idea.

My best advice would be to maintain as friendly a relationship as you can and let your spouse discover their own error, if it is such.
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Re: Spell casting Psychics
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
There is no destiny! What,my destiny is to live 100 years,but,I can kill myself now (I WONT.) and,no destiny :P
It doesn't work that way. So,somebody tells you,your destiny is to die tomorrow,getting hit by a car,and you will just go stand in front of a car,because it's destiny? NO. Destiny is the result of your acts and choices you made through life. The problem is,do you want your husband to HAVE to love you? It's chaning his mind by magic,it's not true love,and do you want someone that doesn't even love you,by your side every day? It's black magic,and it's not a good thing to do! Just don't go to all of those fortune tellers and stuff about the custody,because anything that they tell you,can be changed...And rather,if you still want to do any kind of spell,let a trusted person do it,not every spell caster you find on the road,who knows what will they do,or even better cast them yourself. But stay strong,and rather just fight fairly for the custody,and divorce if it's needed so you're all free and happy,instead of binding someone to you against their free will,and listening will you or will you not get the custody...Good luck!
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Re: Spell casting Psychics
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
It's quite simple... if you cast the love spell, it was your destiny to do so.
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