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Dream magic
Post # 1
Hey everyone, the concept of dreamwalking has always favcsinated me greatly . It is the ability to enter someone elses dreams, they can talk to you and you can talk to them just like in real life except it's a dream. There are a couple of steps in learning how to do this

dream recall
lucid dreaming
dream controll

the first, dream recall, is the ability to remember your dreams. When learning to do this, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A DREAM JOURNAL, it is pretty much the only way to do this. Basicaly it's like a diary with dates and all that. Put itby your bed and write down you dreams AS SOON AS YOU WAKE, why? Because within the first five seconds of wakeing, you forget 50% of your dream. Withing the first ten, 90%. once you can properly recall your dreams, you must learn to lucid dream, a lucid dream is a dream in which you know you are dreaming. To learn to do this at will, do reality checks at least ten times a day daily and soon, you will do them in your dreams. In a reality check, you look for signs you are dreaming. Read a paper, the read it again, see if it changes, do the same with the time. Every day, I draw a large letter A on the back of my hand, every time I see it, I ask myself if I am dreaming. Soon, I will start to see the A in my dreams. Once you properly have learned to lucid dream, you need to learn to controll your dreams. There are two main concepts to this, dream spinning and verbal commands. Let's say youb are dreaming that are in a city and you want to be in a dessert, spin aeround quickly in you dream while closing uyuor dream eyes and say, I will be in the dessert, when you open your eyes, you should be in the dessert. Another less known method is to use doors, walk through on telling yourself thrr is a dessert on the other side. Once you learn to controll your dreams, you van finnaly start trying to dreamwalk. Find someone you feel realy connected to, focus on their face, start to do the dream spinning technique but keep the persons face in view and tell yourself that when you open your eyes, you will be in that persons dreams. After some practice, you Weill get it. Just make sure your target is actually asleep and that you take this one step at a time.
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Re: Dream magic
Post # 2
Where did you learn this?
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Re: Dream magic
Post # 3
What happens if you try to dream walk and your target is not asleep? Is that bad??
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Re: Dream magic
Post # 4
I used to get awfle all to real nightmares,the first few things I've learned already, reality checks are actually somewhat fun, but I had to get the upper hand on my own brain, I've never attempted dreamwalking but this makes me really want to try.
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