Ring Omen

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Ring Omen
Post # 1
hey guys ivd come looking for some information on something. my girlfriend and i have exchanged rings like promise rings. she gave me this ring that she has had for like 5 years. she found it when she was scuba diving off the coast of guatamala. she brought it back onto the yacht and everyone felt wierd about the ring. everyone knew what it meant. when she gave it to me i put it on. as i was putting it on i was saying i dont know how this ring is gona fit me. (i couldve sworn i had seen her wearing it before) it fit my finger. BUT it was slightly to big. like a whole size too big. i said wow it fits she said yeah i know i gota go. i didnt think much of it. she only told me that the ring is good luck and it will save you when you most need it. i started talking to her old friend that was with her when she found it. he was suprised she gave it to me. and was very shocked that it didnt fit. he said that it always fits the wearer no matter who they are BUT it is an omen if it doesnt. he couldnt think exactly what it meant and she refuses to tell me. he said that it is both a blessing and a curse. ever since i have worn it my spiritual abilities have been very strange. like off the charts. i feel a strange energy that ive never felt before on this ring. i was wondering if anyone had any info as to what this omen is. it would be much appreciated.
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Re: Ring Omen
Post # 2
meditate on the ring... only the bearer of the ring could know its hidden secrets...
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Re: Ring Omen
Post # 3
wow sounds kind of like my ring, except that yours was given to you and i found mine in my folks' house (neither of my parents knowing where it came from)

id say take it off for a day and see what happens. and don't wear it at night when you sleep. if it's bad you dont want to be travelling in dreams with it on. you could also google old ring legends. :P hope i helped
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Re: Ring Omen
Post # 4
well the ring makes me have amazing dreams about my girl and makes me do amazing things to her. its also a sign of our relationship. it protects me from a lot of things. the only thing that would be negative that it does is like when i wash my hands i would usually turn it all the way on hot because heat doesnt usually burn me. but heat seems so much more warm now. its like it makes me feel more alive. i can control it. its just that like my energy is off the charts and its harder to control but i just about got the hang of it. im looking on google right now and im having a hard time finding it... im gona try meditating on it. i usually dont have to meditate on things like this with my kind of experience but this is a very powerful wierd kind of aura on it. i havnt dealt with this kind before.
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