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Outside of USA
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have a question that is as follows :-

If you do not live within the USA can you practise Hoodoo. I came across a very interesting site about Hoodoo and it captured my intrests. Now the problem is that I do practise something similar. But I no longer live in South Africa where we have something on the similar basis but rather different to Hoodoo. Can one living in Germany or boarder countries learn and practise Hoodoo. As in the USA one can buy the potions and required items easily. Online things are available. But then you are faced with the issue of having to wait to perform a spell as the ingredients are not at hand. Does any one have advise for me.

Blessings and much light,
in appreciation,
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Re: Outside of USA
Post # 2
Yes, I would think so. One can always find supplies even though you may have to substitute items. For instance I live in the Northern USA, most of the Hoodoo Magic takes place in the deep South, so if I followed their spells and used their Herbs, candles, washes, etc. I would be out of luck unless I wanted to order this stuff and like you said it may take days. I believe that Hoodoo like anytype of Magic depends more on your personal intent and personal power and your knowledge and energy then certain supplies. I think the harder thing is finding books or teachers to help you learn along the way. Hoodoo and Voodoo books are a dime a dozen in New Orleans but unheard of in the North. The bottom line is, one can always learn a form of magic, but then you make it your own, you make it personal and work for you. Look at the history of Hoodoo, it started with slaves who practiced Voodoo and Santeria and other African religions and evolved and changed to its surrondings in the deep south. Today it is a mixture of many cultures,even the name Hoodoo comes from this mixture. My advice is to take what you can, adapt it to your own energies and surrondings and make it work. Please try to learn as much as you can before you start putting your magic into practice, and always cleanse and protect yourself and your environment. Cleansing and protection is a big part of any Magical system. Good luck, Rilke
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Re: Outside of USA
Post # 3
One more comment, you do know that Hoodoo is not Voodoo? Voodoo and Santeria and other related religions came from Africa, where even today they are still practiced. The slave trade brought these various religions to the west. They thrived in Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, and other islands, but... because of the authorities running these slave plantations they were forced to adapt and change. When some of these slaves came to New Orleans and points south they brought their beliefs with them. Hoodoo is a mixture of many of these beliefs. Hoodoo actually is not considered a religion but more of a magical practice. People who practice Hoodoo are interested in the magic, not religious dogma. A bit of history for you, hope it helps. Rilke
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Re: Outside of USA
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Good day to you Rilke,

Many thanks for the information about Hoodoo. I was very happy with your replies and recomended ways to handle the issue. It was uplifting. I will just have to apply myself to it and develop from scratch - using the internet to oder what is not readilly available. Is there Coven on" Spells of Magic that are into this type of belief and the like. Thanks again for the help. I really appreciate it very much.

Much light & Blessings,
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