I just got a bad grade?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> I just got a bad grade?

I just got a bad grade?
Post # 1
Hi. :(
So I kind of just bombed a quiz, and I am really upset because I tried my hardest but math and me just don't click. And the worst problem is that I have to conference with my teacher and I do not want to have that awkward conference. Are there any spells or such to help me learn better?
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Re: I just got a bad grade?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You don't want to hear it (I know I wouldn't) but the best way to achieve anything like this is through the usual steps of hard work and study.

Math isn't my forte either, in the scheme of things, but it's necessary. If you have difficulty focusing or understanding, perhaps you can meditate to help yourself find focus.

Aside from this, also consider spells that will help you stay determined and keep your spirits up, helping you maintain your studies, or perhaps help you simply keep an open mind to new ways of thinking.

These are usually no more complicated than combining positive energy and positive thought with a prayer, mantra, or affirmation devoted toward staying positive and achieving success.

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Re: I just got a bad grade?
Post # 3
I agree with ATL..
You could do some silly spells but your mind would just trick you and results will be same. Meditation will help you to ease your brain and it will help you to gather strenght and you will prove yourself worthy and smart, trough hard work awcorse (you can't by pass things in your life so easy... it will harm you badly later). Let's take criminals as example, they use shorcuts and by pass all just to have personal gain, ignoring the pain they made along the way. In the end they die, all get locked up or people just hate them etc.

As a result you will be proud at yourself trough hard work.
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Re: I just got a bad grade?
Post # 4
I also agree with what was said. Even if you did manage to cast a spell that made you get good grades, it would only be through magic. How would you learn from that? There are many people who don't do good on some subjects, but try to focus on the one's that you do like. Maybe ask for some extra help from your teacher, that's what I did in school, science wasn't my "cup of tea" (still isn't), but I was able to pass with the help I got.

Try these suggestions, who knows, you may turn out to like math!
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Re: I just got a bad grade?
Post # 5
I hated math, finally my parents got me a tutor. Still hated it, but learned it. Magic won"t help you get the skills you are going to need to deal with life. Magic works, but should not be a crutch, however I do have one little magical tip for you, when you go into that conference with your teacher call on whatever God or Goddess you pray to the most, ask them for help, and before you step into that room with your teacher let that special diety walk in ahead of you. It will give you confidence, and a little comfort that Spirit is with you. Rilke
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Re: I just got a bad grade?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
When I was in high school (graduated in 1984), my trig teacher always started with saying, time to excercise our left side of our brain.
No matter what subject it is or what life give us, we just have to think positive and tell ourselves, we can do this.
For our young adults in the SOM, magic is not always the answer. Sometimes, we have to learn how to do things the old fashion way, learning and listening to our teachers and to our parents.
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Re: I just got a bad grade?
By: / Adept
Post # 7
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Re: I just got a bad grade?
Post # 8
well crysillion, i finished college with mostly magic, and barely studying, but the message i wanted to say is this.

Everybody will tell u that u MUST work, u MUST FIND A JOB AND WORK, WORK, WORK. This is not true.

Everybody teaches u to work so u can get your paycheck, but how many people will teach u how to actually make money?
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