Merry Meet everyone!

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Merry Meet everyone!
Post # 1
Hello everyone!
I'm new to the site, as you can tell...otherwise I wouldn't be posting here, huh?

I'm a Wiccan, in case you're wondering and am pretty young actually; so many of you won't take me seriously. I don't blame you, because I know there are tons of teens who just "go with the latest trend". But not me. I'm "still in the broom-closet" as they say :D

So yeah, Kona is the name I chose (not the full name) and I'd prefer to keep my given name a secret.

Hey guys! Nice to meet you all :)Sorry for my rambles XP

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Re: Merry Meet everyone!
Post # 2
Welcome Kona. I am also a Wiccan, and I would like you wish you the best on your journey. You are never too young or old to learn anything.

I was also in the "broom closet" for a while, since I didn't know what my family would think about my choice. So far, there has not been any problems. Although I do happen to be 51!

If you have any questions, please ask, and I'm sure there will be someone who is more than happy to help you.

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Re: Merry Meet everyone!
Post # 3
I'll be straight out honest with everyone. I am a twelve year old boy here to learn about the mysterious and spells of both white and black magick. I have a interesting curiousity to summon Bolos, school is not easy, all I want is justice done to those who prey on others and spread gossip. It might not be in my place to cast a spell on them but my patience have grown tired. Too many years of watching me and other people in sorrow by the same people, my eyes has had enough with the materialistic and scum bag atomsphere all of those who spread. If someone would help me overcome this ambition, it would be appreciated. But I need one of you to tell me one question, do this spells acutally work? If so, if I don't use a dark one I will use a light one, and my karma is pretty good. However, is there anything I need to know before doing one? I have recently opened my chakra and learned just about everything in the form of meditating. My name is Jelani Lee, and I need some of your help, please no negative comments. I'd expect something postive from one of you adults, that I will most certainly respect.

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