i dont have any friend

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Forums -> Welcome -> i dont have any friend

i dont have any friend
Post # 1
umm hello..
i wrote this subject because i dont have any friend since 2 day ago..
i need friend..who can tutor me,train me,or give me experience..

i'm very confuse..and still not understand with spell..
i have read the faqs but ..i still confuse..

please help me become wizard..i know that will need hard working..
but if i dont understand the basic..i will never reach that thing
(become wizard)
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Re: i dont have any friend
Post # 2
The basics would be , meditation, grounding and centering, visualization, energy flow and control, days , colors, moon phases,shielding and circle casting.

There are many helpful threads regarding these basics in the public forums under general info...It's just a case of ''looking'' through the threads.

Research, read, ask questions.

I'm sure you will meet lot's of interesting new friends here :)
My advice would be to not believe everything people say as the truth...The only truth one will find is that of their own.
Research lot's of different sources also ...some websites differ in opinions on subjects or are total fluff.

Good luck on your journey here.

Love and light.
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Re: i dont have any friend
Post # 3
I agree with Ginseng. You would be best to start out with the basics that she has listed, and then you can move on to what you would like to do. If you wish to become a wizard, this would be a good place to start.

Take your time, don't try to rush anything, and apply yourself. Just like in school, you need to start with the simple things before you can learn the advanced subjects.

And don't worry, you will find lots of friends on here, and again, listen to Ginseng, and be cautious of what people say here.

I wish you the best on your journey.

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Re: i dont have any friend
Post # 4
Sounds like you are looking more for a mentor, rather then a friend. I would suggest following Gin's or Pwalls advice. You could join a coven. Pick one that best suits your needs. And P.S. the term "Wizard" is just a title. There is not a difference between a witch and a wizard other than some have the misconception that one is male and one is female. I know plenty male witches.... Just saying.
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