Importance of Basics

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Importance of Basics
Post # 1
In magick (and especially on spellsofmagic), a great majority practicioners claim that there are "basics". These basics usually include meditation, visualization, centering, grounding, and energy manipulation. I like to tie in astral projection to the basics; however it is more of a "level two" practice compared the basics listed here, as you need to be competent in these before you try astral projection for the ?best results?.

The purpose of this post is to answer the question: "Why are the basics important?"

1. Meditation: Meditation is needed for a wide array of magickal practices, and should be practiced at least once a day to gain the true benefits it brings. Besides relieving stress, giving one a sense of peace, and strengthening the grey matter of one's brain, meditation helps one focus and get into an altered state of mind, which is necessary for magickal practices. Practicing often helps you to be able to get into this altered state and to relax quicker.

2. Visualization: In magick, it helps to visualize a desired outcome that you want from ritual/spell work to make it happen. This also helps with directing energy when grounding and centering, and serves as a sort of focal point when learning how to do these things.

3. Centering: (Meditating on inner stillness)Taking a moment to focus on the inner stillness within oneself helps to clear the mind of the chaos, allowing the practitioner to become balanced and focused on the ritual task at hand. It is also a good skill in general because it can be used to calm oneself down in stressful situations quickly if it is practiced often.

4. Grounding: (Connecting with the external) Although similar to centering, grounding focuses on the external rather than the internal. You are ?rooting? your energy into the Earth and are cleansing out your energy to become refreshed. This helps to establish a better connection with the universe and become cleansed and focused.

5. Energy Manipulation: (Directing and controlling energy within and without the body) A good approach to energy manipulation would be to work with the chakras (energy points throughout the body). It is good to open and cleanse them to keep a balance in the energy of the body. Another thing that is good to practice is ?playing? with energy by having energy shift around in your body etc. Having the ability to direct and manipulate energy is vital in ritual and in magick practice in general.

6. Astral Projection: (Projecting the astral body into the astral plane) Although astral projection should be put off after the above basics have been completely mastered, I have decided to add this into the thread because I think the potential that astral projection brings into magickal practice is often undermined. Astral projection opens many doors in magick-you can communicate with other spirits and do ritual work on the astral plane. It is also something in life that people take for granted, because being able to visit another plane while still living on the physical plane is amazing. However, anyone new to astral projection should be warned that it takes constant practice for a long period of time-it can take months to be able to briefly separate from the body; however, it is worth it in the long run!
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Re: Importance of Basics
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
I have to disagree that Astral Projection is a basic. This is something that should only be attempted after mastering meditation. Once a person has meditation and focus down along with other basics then yes they can attempt Astral Projection, but not until then. There is much more a person needs to know about themselves and the basics before trying this.

I do like the way you covered the basics and why they need to be done though. For that thank you! A lot of people think they don't need to learn them first that they can just do whatever they want how they want. Yet they always ask for help on what they are doing wrong and why what they do does not work.
Learn the Basics People lol
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