lol newwwww person XD

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lol newwwww person XD
Post # 1
hiii im new here, and i rly want to learn how to cast spells. So i hope i have supports and helps from all of you, if not, most of you :) and i'd really like to know how to get started. :) ALSO i'd like to know what is my element, and for some reason i always have a feeling that im possessed(well obviously not LOL) and i just wanna learn everything about spells and stuff, im fascinated by them. ALSO from what ik, most spell casters and such had experianced some sort of supernatural situations, or have done something such as telekinetic, and stuff, but i dont think i have experianced them, and if i say i have, i'd probably be lying, so does that mean im not ganna be good at magick and stuff? and i also would like to know if there is a way to discover my inner ability, well that's if this inner ability im talking about exist, by inner ability i mean like some people are good at telekinesis, and some people are good at predicting, so is there a way to find out what im good at? gosh so many questions to ask, and i cant remember what im going to ask XD anyways, im just ganna ask these questions for now, out of my curiousity.
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Re: lol newwwww person XD
Post # 2
hey ik i asked about my element, i just like to share something regarding that. I am scorpio, and its element is water, but i feel really close to wind, like when i get hit by wind it brings me nice feelings and calms me down alot, like when im in my room and start to get really really anxious, i go to my windows, and let the wind blow on me and immediately i feel alot better. ALSO when i was at my friend's party we were playing mafia outside on the frontyard, and we had to close our eyes, and all i hear is the roaring of the wind, and it immediately gave me chills and uneasiness like something bad is ganna happen, and i dont think anything bad happened, maybe it did, maybe it didnt, so does that mean wind is my element?
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Re: lol newwwww person XD
Post # 3
Hello and welcome!

If you would like to know how to cast spells, check out the "Newbies" section of this site. It is filled with all kinds of information on how to get started. Basically, I would suggest that you learn your basics first (meditation, visualization, energy manipulation, moon phases, colors, etc.).

As regards your element, if you feel drawn toward wind instead of water, I would take it as it's your element. You don't have to be water just because you are a Scorpio. Your element is what you feel, not what it's supposed to be.

Not all spell casters have to have some sort of supernatural situation before they can be good at magic. I haven't had one yet, and I may not, but magic is a manipulation of energy, which comes from inside of you. Your belief in yourself and what you are doing is the basis for magic.

So please don't be worried that you can't do everything at once. Some people wish to learn for a while even before they cast their first spell. Take your time and enjoy your journey.

Blessed be.
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