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Arabella Jolie
Post # 1
She is one of the infinate numbers of people online out there thats willing to teach you the craft for free but then turns around and attempts to sell you books and classes for $80-$150 each which are mostly to their own expense (or at least so they claim).

For awhile she had me sucked in. I was signed up to her e-newsletter within minutes of reading her site and read every word of every one like a star struck teenager. Being as stupid as I was I honestly believed that she was the only person that could teach me the craft and would have done anything at that point to be able to afford all of the "cheap" books and classes she was offering.

After a few months of reading every email advertising all of the classes and more of her trying to suck me in I eventually decided to google a few keywords that were in one of the descriptions for one of the classes she was offering and was able to find plenty of info on the subject that (thanks to the local library not charging you for use of their internet and computers) was completely free to me. I was also finding some of the very same books she was trying to sell me free through the system as well and have subsequently added her email to my spam list.

Has anyone else gotten sucked into these scams or have they known anyone that was sucked into them?
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Re: Arabella Jolie
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I am thankful that I have never gotten into one of those scams, for I always look for information by myself, and always looked for book references etc.

But it is always good to watch out for those things, you never know who could appear telling you they have something that only they can give.

It can all be very convincing when you are beginning, I can imagine. I remember I had to take in a lot of information, and later discover that it was not just unuseful, but really wrong.

These examples are good for all of you who are thinking about submiting to people who say they have all the wisdom, etc. There are many books, and willing people out there, that wont charge.
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Re: Arabella Jolie
Post # 3
Hi gothiclg,
I have seen some positive testimonials from some of her students. I think that everyone is trying to make a living the best way they can using their training and experience. Personally i think that everything we read is repeated over and over just on different ways. I am not sure that someone is a scam for selling their material. I looked at coaching with Anthony Robbins some time ago and it was going to cost $3,500 to attend a seminar.
He is selling his skills, experience and knowledge no different to a witch.

The best way to discern whether something is what you are looking for or not is listening to your own intuition.
I have found loads of articles claimimg people are scams when they are not but i guess you can find anything if you look hard enough.
All the best and my best advice is listen to your own heart it is the best judge.
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Re: Arabella Jolie
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
First of all, I must answer one of the comments; no sincere witch would charge money for teaching. When we delete the Scams on this site it is for that very reason; it is against the policy of this site to advertise any sort of spells or teaching for money.There are other sites for that! This site is for exchanging beliefs and ideas.Members can, of course, advertise certain Goods for sale,but there are rules.
The youngsters of today have a great advantage that was not available when I was young; the internet. Use it!
It is all very well saying that people are wanting payment for their skills,but you should not,ever, pay for knowledge! Pay the plumber, pay the carpenter, pay the bricklayer; but never pay for a belief!
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