aura prob help me

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aura prob help me
Post # 1
my auras been getting weeker and weaker and i can't use it anymore i can't do chi balls or anything wats going on?
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Re: aura prob help me
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
You might have blockage in the chakras. Go through each (slowly) and meditate. Start with smaller energy workings.
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Re: aura prob help me
Post # 3
how do you do that exactly ( kinda embarrising )
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Re: aura prob help me
Post # 4
well there is allot of information for it on google but some things can be misleading so i will give you a simplified version of it.

First of all you need to know that even though your chakras should be in balance you should also cleanse the nadis(pronounced nadees). What are your nadis you ask? well the nadis are simply what carries energy through the body, they are the subtle's body equivalent to veins. Some times even though the chakras are balanced you need to clear the nadis from fragmentation.

before i go into the chakra specifications ill lead you with the guide to cleansing the nadis with the breath, since you already can create psiballs you understand that energy moves with breath, so all this exercise will do is move the energy into those blocked areas in the nadis and free them so more energy can move even more free than before.

Nadis cleansing exercise

sit in lotus position or lie flat on your back on a comfortable surface, try to stay away from beds unless you are sure you won't fall asleep. Relax close your eyes and focus, take slow deep breaths when you inhale allow your stomach to push outward, when you exhale let it return to its normal state. now take a deep breath on the count of 8, hold it for the count of 4, release on the count of 8 and visualize and feel your nadis being cleansed.

repeat this step as many times as you feel it necessary

go to this link for full chakra information
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Re: aura prob help me
Post # 5
Take note of these names so you will not be confused. These are the indian names for the chakras, but the common western names are as listed

Muladhara Chakra [indian name] Root chakra [western name]

Svadhistana Chakra [indian name] Sacral/navel/spleen chakra [western name]

Manipura Chakra [indian name] Solar chakra [western name]

Anahata Chakra [indian name] heart chakra [western name]

Visshuda Chakra [indian name] Throat chakra [western name]

Ajna Chakra [indian name] Brow chakra [western name]

Sahasrara Chakra [indian name] crown chakra
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Re: aura prob help me
Post # 6
thanks guys
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