Greetings Everyone!

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Greetings Everyone!
Post # 1
Just dropping by to say hello and give a short introduction....

I'm from Texas, married with two daughters. I have been a pagan since 2002, more specifically a witch. I stumbled on a wicca site when reading about meditation. The information resonated with me and began to read and study everything I could relating to paganism, wicca and witchcraft. I have been a solitary but would like to find a group, either in real life or on line, to work with.

I look forward to learning from you all and hope to make some great friends here!
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Re: Greetings Everyone!
Post # 2
Hello and welcome! I've only started recently, and have myself been studying everything and anything that I can on Wicca and witchcraft. I've recently started looking into Native American shamanism and find that fascinating as well. It also incorporates nature into their magic, but it is more spiritual.

There are many covens on this site, and I'm sure you will find one that you feel comfortable with.

And yes, you will find a lot of new friends here. I certainly have.
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Re: Greetings Everyone!
Post # 3
Hello Kaliopy and welcome.
My name is Jynjer and I am a recent member to this site as well. I have been studying the craft for almost five years and have found Spells of Magic to be very supportive and informative. You will enjoy it. I hope you find everything you are looking for and more.
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Re: Greetings Everyone!
Post # 4
Hello ^^

I Just joined this site. I'm From New Hampshire, and I'm Fourteen Years old. Ever since I was about 3-4 I started developing a kind of "6 sense" I was always very interested in magic of all sorts.

I have met Witches a lot older than me, Who have all told me That I have Witch inside me.
Back in my family my Grandmother Agnes (Aggie) Practiced Being a Witch.
Which When I found out, I thought was really cool.(:
But im gonna try to end this, because I can write forever :P

But I'd love to meet you and be your friend, Or meet anyone else.
Thanks~~ Ginny.
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