Rituals ordered

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Rituals ordered
Post # 1
I am interested in doing an Azure Ritual/Spell, but I wanted to ask others viewpoints on the Bible, Deuteronomy and what Moses and Solomon said about doing spells. Does anyone have information on how the Bible was re-written or info. on God being okay with spiritual blessings, as long as there is no intent to harm anyone.
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Re: Rituals ordered
Post # 2
Excellent question, AngelicTina..wish more people would think of it before they "rant".

Anyway, yes..historically speaking the bible originally referred to "sorcery" which was "evil" in both intent and results. The term "witch" was substituted much later, after the official church was established.

Further references were also later inserted to demonstrate that "God" was on Aarons side. This can be shown to have been added for political reasons, as it "demonstrated" the church protecting the idea that Aarons sons were the only "true" priests.

The etymology of translations is a true nightmare, indeed. Many of the phrases and words make leaps across languages that have been accepted over time, but truly can't be absolute.

Based on this, and much more, "magick" is NOT strictly forbidden in your faith. I hope this helps.
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Re: Rituals ordered
Post # 3
its true magic is not forbidding or the use of it,Jesus himself was knowing as a Galilean this bore more pagan or less Jewish traditions, at the time of Jesus their were many doing magic healing and spells Jesus seems to be the best of them allbecause of his compassion, take a look at king Solomon in the old testament he was a great king wise and powerful, god gave him control over many demons and bore a ring to control them try reading the lesser key of soloman or The Magical Treatise of Solomon good reading and may point you in the right direction, all in all magic is apart of who we are. we use it unconsciously and consciously everyday, remember noting is written in stone!
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Re: Rituals ordered
Post # 4
Thanks guys . . .You gave me great info. to lead off of and I will continue on my quest for God's wisdom and this world. . .
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