Priestess and priests

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Priestess and priests
Post # 1
I am not new in magic, and i was wondering when i come to this site, how do you choose a priestess and priests. Is this just some formal title for this site groups (or covens as you call). Or people on those positions are really skilled and train to be priestess and priests.

I was very suprised when i discovered, that some people on those positions are very, very young. Let's say to young for those positions.

Hope to find on here someone, who is able to explain this.

Till then Merry Meet and Merry Part
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Re: Priestess and priests
Post # 2
Those positions must be given by the leader them self as one steps down for another member to replace them. You don't randomly decide one day you get to take over whatever coven you want.

It is up to the leaders who the new leaders will be.

As for age, that does not show how good of a leader they are. I am very sorry for you if you think that's the case. Some leaders are qualified and trained, but other (even those as old as you) may be absolutely useless, again it depends on who the current leaders pick.

Of course though, leaders don't have to step down if they don't wish.
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Re: Priestess and priests
Post # 3

Thank you for taking your time to explain this.
I never been and i am not interesting in beeing a high priestess, becouse i know that this is a hard working job. I asked this becouse my mentor is a Wiccan high priestess, she is in Wicca 24 years. And when we discussed, about that position, i told here about this site, and asked her how someone become this. She said that she gone through 13 years hard work and training to become what she is. And that a very young pearson in not in a position to take such a responsibility.
That's why i start asking my self about how reall priests and priestess on this site are.
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Re: Priestess and priests
Post # 4
Keep in mind that you are comparing apples to oranges.

A real life Wiccan Coven has very specific guidelines to follow for everything from initiation to a Priestess stepping down and passing the torch.

Here, the terms Priest and Priestess are given to those who lead an online coven.

I can understand your reasoning of people being of a certain age not being able to handle the position..and frankly, we have a few examples of that here. However, we also have examples of younger people doing an exceptional job.

There is no official training for the P/P here. They are simply people who have knowledge to share. Keep in mind that off line, covens tend to be very specific in path. Here, we have people teaching all sorts of paths.
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Re: Priestess and priests
Post # 5
I too am "relatevely new at practicing magic" I've only had a few years of "active practice", but all through out my life since I was a little girl I do rituals here & there. So I understand why you would have this question Neniel.

Neniel, the possition of Priestess & Priest is decided by the leaders who take into consideration the knoledge, the years of practicing & the dedication just as Lady Snow says.

Age has no importance when it comes to magic & the leadership positions, there can be a very old person who is interested in magic or just thinks is fun but has no idea of what magic is, what the rituals are, no knoledge at all & tere can be a very young person who kows tons about magic even if they are children (it might just be because those very gifted young ones have a stronger link w/ magic or because they just love it & dedicate themselves to it from avery young age).
My mentor is 7 years younger than me & she is great, she has thaught me a lot & I am very grateful to her & in no instant have I felt stupid or inferior for being younger than her.
My Priestess is 5 years younger than me & she is very knoledgable, I'm very proud of our young Priestess.

Lady Snow, w/ all due respect, if Neniel had this question is great that you answered it very well for her but your answer was somewhat rude! & your age comment (it seemesd straight to Neniel) was insulting! I hope you don't take this in a wrong way but you could have been a bit more soft!

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Re: Priestess and priests
Post # 6
Assuming you mean not showing offense of those young leaders including myself, but instead using the friendliest of terms and vaguely desecrating simple procedures at the discretion of yourself.
As in, taking your opinion of my writing style as fact, therefore making it nice warm and fuzzy.

I think not.

Mind you, I bid you, understand I was not insulting her.
She asked a question of which I replied with a simple answer; I figured no need for half a page of describing reasons why one may be promoted.
As for my concerns on her wording, "to young for the position", I do feel sorry for anyone who may think that just because we're young, that we don't have the capacity to run a virtual coven.

I suggest, from now on you keep your opinions of my writing style to yourself, or at the least email me and we can discuss privately what it is I said that you took offensively.
Besides this, when speaking to me in constructive criticism, do not over use exclamation points. As if you are scolding me? Calm yourself whence speaking to me in such a way.

Spreading what love exactly?
- Snowball
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Re: Priestess and priests
Post # 7
Lady Snow, as I read your reply to my previous post I realized you have a lot of anger in you & you portray it very well.

I have NOTHIGN FURHTER to discus w/ you.
I will however take you up on emailing you if theres' something pending.

You need not to concern yourself w/ my excalmation points. You write as you wish & let me be.

SPREAD THE LOVE! Is my signature, I'm not compeling any one to do anything, take it or leave it.

I hope this little discussion ends here Lady Snow.
On my part all is well with you.

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Re: Priestess and priests
Post # 8
Just as a note, being direct and frank is not being rude.

Also, Lady_Snow was insulted personally by this person's statement that young people are too young to run a coven.

It is the experience, not the length of time, nor the age that matters.

If you cannot handle "rudeness" in a public forum, I suggest leaving this site as you will find many rude and frank people here.

Also as a side note, when provoked, we tend to react, as you so lovingly showed by your reaction to Lady_Snow's response. ^___^

~~Sekhmet, goddess of vengence. :P ~~

How's that for a signature?
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Re: Priestess and priests
Post # 9
To clarify, I don't think myself Sekhmet though I feel I am connected to her greatly and identify with her.
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