A few things..

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> A few things..

A few things..
Post # 1
Well, I am fairly new to magick. And I have a few questions ^_^'.

I am not able to get many ingredients for spell casting due to the fact my family would not understand. I can get some things from the forest around my house and such (honey suckle, roses, feathers, ect). I am unable to get things like cauldrons and a motar&pestal (pardon my spelling).

So, I was wondering, instead of a cauldron, could you use a cooking pot? And a motar and pestal, could you use a cup and mashy-thing? XD

On another note, I am looking for spells for growing wings. My best friend's greatest wish is to fly. I really want to help her. She is open to magick as well. So, can you give me any spells for that? I have seen the three on this site, and I am in the process of trying one myself, but do you guys know any others?

Feel free to move this if it is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where it should go.
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Re: A few things..
Post # 2
For your first question.I think you can use cooking pots instead of caldrons but I'm not sure.

For your second question. Unfortunatly, physical transformations like growing wings is currently extremely difficult to impossible.

Just so you know some of these spells are not real. The more you learn about magick, the better to tell the real from the fake.

Hope your study in magick goes well. :)
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Re: A few things..
Post # 3
you can def subsitute tools and ingredients in all spells, i do it all the time and the spells still work. as for growing wings like the person above says its not currently possible. alot people claim to have done it but they are just role playing. quite a few spells on here are fake and made up just for fun.
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Re: A few things..
Post # 4
Thank you all ^_^. Maybe one day someone will figure out how to do the impossible...

Ah well haha.
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